Cole's UCMB evaluation

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Cole's UCMB evaluation was a Unified Combined Military Boot Camp training evaluation of Crewman Recruit Preston J. Cole filed by Petty Officer Second Class L. P. Graves at UCMB Sierra Largo on November 3, 2488.[1] It described Cole's remarkable performance during boot camp and recommended that he be considered for additional training as a Non-Commissioned Officer.[1] This evaluation was later included within the report "Historical/Psychological Analysis of Cole, Preston J.", sent by Codename: SURGEON to Codename: USUAL SUSPECTS in 2552.[1]


Evaluation of Cole, P. J. (UNSC Service Number: 00814-13094-BQ) by Petty Officer Second Class Graves, L. P. (UNSC Service Number:00773-04652-KK) / UCMB Sierra Largo / November 3, 2488 (Military Calendar)
Completed all requisite physical tests: YES
Displayed any mental aberrations: NO
Combined Arms Skill Test (CAST): 78 (Above Average)
Combined Physical Skill Test (CPST): 65 (Average)
Gratney-Walis Hierarchical Aptitude Score: (GWAS): 94 (Exceptional)
Remarks: Follows orders without question beyond what is required. Keeps mouth shut. Shows initiative. Hard worker. How often do we see that these days? Move this kid onto NCO track before someone makes him a dammed technical specialist or we lose him to OCS.

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