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Chris Stillwell
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"...I like you Ben. I like you a lot. I really do. But... how many imaginary ONI brass fringes do you have to grab to feel important? Hurting this man's legacy... I like you, but not what you think. What you're doing is wrong, I'd say, misleading even. Just... stop."
— Stillwell's audio email to Giraud, sent 2558.[1]

Chris Stillwell is a human who listened to Benjamin Giraud's Hunt the Truth audio journal in 2558. After Giraud's entries threatened to reveal the dark beginnings to Master Chief's heroism, Stillwell mailed Giraud an audio email where he claimed Giraud was doing this just to appease his own ego. Stillwell claimed to be a fan of Giraud, but urged him to cease Hunt the Truth before he wreaked irreparable damage to the Master Chief's legacy.[2]

Production Note[edit]

Chris Stillwell is voiced by Christian Bryant of the popular YouTube channel HaloFollower.

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