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Bero 'Kusovai/Quotes

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A collection of quotes made by Kusovai.


From Halo Graphic Novel: The Last Voyage Of The Infinite Succor.

  • "I apologize for injuring you, Commander. In the future I will handle my Blade with more skill." - After he was training Sword combat with Rtas 'Vadum.
  • "As you say, Commander. Hopefully, we will at least go to Halo and get to test ourselves against the Humans and their Demon." - After holographic message from the Supreme Commander of the Fleet of Particular Justice, later Arbiter; to Rtas 'Vadum who ordered Kusovai to report to the Armory and meet him in the Primary Hangar.
  • "At least eight Unggoy died here and were dragged through this door." - On board of the Infinite Succor, which was boarded by forces suspected to be Humans.
  • "I was not aware that Humans were so interested with the dead. Maybe they are barbaric enough to eat our dead."
  • "This is Huragok blood." - When the Huragok remains were found.
  • "This room is a hunting preserve. It should be teeming with animals."
  • "Commander, more creatures incoming. Smaller, but lots of them." - When large Flood form was found.
  • "What are they, Commander?" - To Rtas 'Vadum.
  • "Commander, this path is cut off." - When they were going to the back of the ship.
  • "What are these things?"
  • "Commander, radio communications are offline." - In the Infinite Succor's Control Room.
  • "Self destruct system is not activating."
  • "Commander, are you infected?" - To Rtas 'Vadum.
  • "We stopped off at the ship's weapons locker on the way, Commander." - To Rtas 'Vadum.
  • "It seems the Plasma Turret overload has shorted out some of our equipment, including our radios." - To Rtas 'Vadum.
  • "You will... be with us." - Already infected, to Rtas 'Vadum.