Audio log (Halo Infinite)/UNSC/Infinity/02

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// 98604-72690-TL
// INF-101
// DATALOG 121259_4013
// --'my favorite part'--

  • Thomas Lasky: Captain's report, INF-101, mark timestamp. Encryption: Lambda-Chi-Alpha. I've spoken to Commander Palmer, who has assured me that our Spartan contingent is ready to go. Commander Sarpong offers similar sentiments regarding our infantry and ODST divisions. Spartan Locke is already well underway with the next stages of BREAKER TRIP, but each time out I wonder if we've pressed our luck too far. And now of course comes my favorite part of my day. Debriefing with Doctor Halsey. The good doctor is unquestionably brilliant, but at an ever-increasing cost.