Audio log (Halo Infinite)/Spartan/Ringfall/08

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DEC 13, 2559 // On a recon sweep, Stone makes a desperate rescue attempt.

  • Spartan Bonita Stone: How's the ridgeline look, Corporal?
  • Marine: Thick with brutes and a lot of hardware. They set up shop quick down here. Must be preparing for-

[Sound: Energy charging. Ground quaking.]

  • Marine: What the hell? The damn mountain is coming apart!
  • Stone: Back into the lifeboat! Now!

[Sound: Energy charges louder. Explosion. Ground crumbling.]

  • Marine: Stone! The boat's going down!
  • Stone: Hold on! I've got you!

[Sound: Ground crumbling.]

  • Stone: Marines! Hang! On!

[Sound: Lifeboat creaking.]

  • Stone: Thrusters. Now!
  • Suit AI: Thrusters online.

[Sound: Thrusters going off.]