Audio log (Halo Infinite)/Spartan/Ringfall/05

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DEC 13, 2559 // In the wake of the cataclysm, Makovich attempts to reach safer ground.

[Sound: Explosion. Ground quaking.]

  • Suit AI: Spartan Makovich, the Ring is coming apart beneath your feet. Recommend-
  • Spartan Vedrana Makovich: One crisis at a time, please!

[Sound: Gunfire.]

  • Suit AI: Spartan Makovich, your sidearm is insufficient to deal with Sentinels in such numbers. Recommend-
  • Makovich: Yeah! Retreat! I'm working on it!

[Sound: Gunfire. Sentinel explodes. Another Sentinel screeches. Running footsteps.]

  • Suit AI: Spartan Makovich, your current speed of fort-seven KPH is-
  • Makovich: One more physics lesson, and I'm ripping you out of my head.