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Hunting Party[edit]

  • "Show yourselves, assassins! The scent of your cloak is faint but it still fouls the air. You have until I finish this threat to comply...Then we peel you from your shells and feast on what remains."
  • "Betrayer? Hmmh... These names you sling...? Badges I will gladly wear if it fuels your fire, but...can one betray a lie? Lies? Your Prophets are nothing but heresy made flesh and blood."
  • "But you 'warriors' have always been guided by...blinded by...the illusion of honor."
  • "Despite what you believe. I am not your enemy. Unless you wish me to be. I am not Tartarus or some fanatic. I am not Truth. I am not Regret. I am their remedy. As such I can spare your lives. Or, just as easily end them."
  • "So, you've simply traded one leash for another. Vengeance is petty. Vengeance has no reward."
  • "I see you for what you are and what you could be. We can do great things together. Not as master and slaves, but as the warriors you truly are-free to continue our crusade without the shackles of outdated faith. I've gathered this crew and they're loyal, because I am loyal... and because we share a vision. One where the blood we spill and the treasures we plunder are in the name of our own free will and nothing more."
  • "Impressive. And welcome, you will be paid-in blood and sport and spoils. But...I can offer no honor. For it holds no weight beyond sentiment."

War of Wits[edit]

  • "All-sales-final-no-takebacks-no-substitutions-no-trades."
  • "You move it, you lose it."
  • "Genius, really... But, I licked the armrest before you sat down. Back and forth. Twice. Full tongue."

Halo Wars 2[edit]

The Signal[edit]

  • "As I suspected, nothing, but a man."
  • "Yes, run... little demons. Hunt them down. Find out where they came from. And bring me back anything... useful."

Hold the Line[edit]

  • "Ah little Spartan - I see you've recovered from our introduction. It seems like you need another 'lesson'.

Under the Dark[edit]

  • "Get EVERYONE you can on that ring. Take it from the humans. Prove you are still worth your price."

The Halo[edit]

  • "Captain. Your troops fight with a tenacity that almost matches my Jiralhanae brothers. I'm impressed. You and I are survivors. I respect that, so I offer you a boon: Take your troops, take your ship, leave now and I will not hunt you down."
  • "Hahahaha! Luck! Treachery! These are the only reasons you still live, Cutter! Very well, I admire your spirit, captain, but you've just sentenced your little ship to oblivion."

Last Stand[edit]

  • "You think you can stand against me? I, who defied the Covenant itself!"


  • "Voridus, Pavium! Do you know what your actions have cost me? I have spent months fortifying positions to continue the fight against the humans. Now I have to abandon them because of you!"
  • "You "thought it wise"? The Flood is the very thing this installation was created to destroy! You have no idea what you've unleashed! If we don't send every soldier we have right now to stop its spread, everything we've worked for will be consumed."
  • "I want actions, not words. I'm on my way."
  • "What is the situation?"
  • "It was that very arrogance that caused this mess, Voridus! I'm on my way now. You will have this fixed by the time I arrive!"
  • "I told you not to go inside...FOR GOOD REASON! Secure the breach. (To Voridus) Clean up your mess. I will be waiting for you when you are done."

Halo: Rise of Atriox[edit]

Issue 2[edit]

  • "Defending? All I have seen is dying. And we have become too skilled at dying."
  • "Our battle strategies have been based on your belief of our enemy's capabilities. But the humans are stronger than you realize."
  • "And yet, I've seen many of my brothers in battle. Maybe loyalty isn't the righteousness we were told it was."
  • "My brothers fall in the war against your kind. And for what? To steal planets we can never possess? For glory that will be forgotten by the next battle? For lies?"
  • "I'm not the one who sends the Jiralhanae to their deaths! Are you that eager to die for the Great Journey?"
  • "He was a slave. A puppet sent to kill me. I relieved him of the burden of that shame."
  • "No. Watch brothers. Let me remind you of our true path."
  • "How the righteous fall."

Issue 3[edit]

  • "If that's a lie, you're a saboteur. If not, you're incompetent. The end is the same either way. Your armor might protect you from decompression--but it will not protect you against me."
  • "They are called the Banished T'vaoan--because they not longer allow the Covenant to tell them what they are. But I know what you are Jackal--which is why I sent Decimus first, to see what you had in store. Now I've seen it. You are not as clever as you think. Too bad for you."
  • "The Covenant already treats its warriors as tools. It's why we left. The warriors who will follow me will do so because they know me. Because they have seen me--and they know I will fight whoever it takes, wherever I have to--and that I will win, no matter what. Mark my words Decimus-- those who see us will join us. That is a promise!"

Issue 4[edit]

  • "You have questions Shipmaster. Many questions. But the first of them should be: Why did I let you capture me? Perhaps you have already guessed the answer. I have men that are committed and brave, and unclouded by the Great Journey. What I do not have is a ship."
  • "Yes. And until this point it has been sufficient. I can raid, I can harry, I can install fear. All worthy objectives...If, as you said, I was only a thief and a pirate. But my plans are greater than that. I gave the Covenant loyalty until I understood they did not consider me worthy of theirs. Now we all stand on the brink of a new age, and we choose what role we play. I observe, Let 'Volir. On raids, I recover not just weapons but intelligence. And what I know of you is this. Your faith is wavering as you see the decay of the's descent into blood feuds and barbarism. Your only remaining belief is in your ship. Your crew. Your bond. Did you think the timing of this raid, just as your ship was the closest, was an accident? No this was my objective today. You were my objective today. All that keeps you in the Covenant fleet is your obligation to your crew. They must be provisioned, your ship must be fueled. I offer you that."
  • "I was thrown into battle to die, time after time, until I learned I could refuse. The same choice is upon you Let 'Volir."
  • "Prepare an assault. Hunters require prey to keep their instincts sharp."

Issue 5[edit]

  • "Do not be surprised, old warrior. You were the one who said enough. I am not the Covenant. I strike at those who would hunt me, but I see no advantage in needless killing. Nor would I kill those who might yet be my allies. I knew from messages from your warpack that some hoped for that."
  • "No one suffered under the Covenant more than the Jiralhanae that served under them the longest, Jovus. You and your surviving troops would be valued among the Banished. What do you say?"
  • "I know the times he came from. Jiralhanae like Jovus warred with one another, always vying for supremacy--until the Covenant put that energy to work in its name. Again, and again. Jovus knew he could never serve me, because in his world, no leader would have ever tolerated a threat in his ranks. He would never have respected me for letting him live--and in his mind, you never would have respected me either. But I never will see strength as a threat--not when it is put to proper use. And use it I will. Not an endless series of battles in the name of a false religion--but rather for something else. Something I decide. The days of Jovus and the Covenant are done--but the time of the Banished has just begun!"

Halo: Shadows of Reach[edit]

  • "Castor! What are humans doing on my ship?"
  • "That command no longer stands. The Banished who remained behind will hold the Ark, of that I have no doubt. We will gather our forces on this world and depart at once. There is a greater purpose the Banished must attend to."
  • "Castor, thousands of Banished remain on the Ark. You will find nothing there but death."
  • "No. We may need our forces to break through a UNSC rear-guard. I will not squander them on a traitor who is sure to die another way. Summon your corvette, War Chief, and take your guards to meet it. I will follow behind."
  • "You will be the hand of punishment, Sangheili Blademaster. Make him pay for his betrayel with howls and screeches. When you have finished, return to us... and bring me his head."
  • "Do not fall prey to his deceit, Blademaster. And do not fail to bring me what I have demanded."

Halo Infinite[edit]

Warship Gbraakon[edit]

  • "My name is Atriox. And I am the last face you will ever see."

Silent Auditorium[edit]

  • "Look around, Cortana. Your empire. Over! Your great plan? Ended at the hands of those who made you."
  • "He did not stop me when I crushed his skull. Threw him into the void."
  • "And then I asked you the same question. Reflect on your choices, Cortana. Understand the consequences."
  • "I have little need for a failed god."
  • "I would change nothing."

Propaganda Totems[edit]