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What to do when your planet is invaded..

This document supersedes the previous CEI instruction pamphlet [GLYPH 4790] and contains new information regarding emergency management execution.
For the duration of the crisis the UNCOM civilian statute is suspended as detailed in Security Council resolution 2532-767ER. The Council has mandated that UNSC Command, both local to your area and systemwide has authority to manage the crisis.
LOCAL EMERGENCY SIGNAL. If a local emergency is declared you will hear a long continuous siren. The sirens will broadcast from local broadcasts, military and civilian security centers and other venues. At that time you should proceed as quickly as possible to your designated shelter and await further instructions.
DIRECT EMERGENCY SIGNAL. In cases of a more direct emergency when time is more critical you will hear three short bursts which will repeat at 30 second intervals. At this time you should proceed to the closest public shelter. If you are at home you may be able to improvise some last minute shelter (see document GLYPH 4893 for suggestions). If you are outside and unable to get to a shelter you should find the lowest lying area around you and lie down.
Do not use the local communication system to make calls once either of these emergencies have been declared. In general these systems will switch to emergency service use only. Tune directly to any local news channel and listen for instructions. Purchase a PAPER pad and pen to write directions down since local power may become unavailable and EMP devices may render portable notepads useless.
You may have to stay at your location for an indeterminate amount of time. Anything from a day to a week. Public shelters are stocked with supplies and drinking water and private citizens should keep at least one weeks worth of supplies on hand at all times.
IN CASE OF INJURY. An attack by alien weaponry will lead to many injuries and deaths. Hospitals and doctors may not be available to tend to the wounded and the types of wounds and you may have to treat injured citizens at the shelter. Do not go outside the shelter to seek aid. Radiation fallout from enemy bombardment, fires and other hazards will endanger you and those in your shelter. Heavily radiated rainfall, radiated ash, and toxic gas clouds are typical within the first 24 hours of an enemy attack.
IN CASE OF DEATH. All public shelters have a supply of sealable body bags. If there are casualties in your shelter you should put the body into one of these bags and seal it. If possible attach identification to the body before placing it in the bag. If you are in the shelter for longer than 36 hours place any body bags directly outside the shelter or in the shelter airlock as quickly as possible.
Evacuation instructions will be broadcast as quickly as possible following an attack. You should know within 24 hours when your shelter or location will be evacuated to safety. Before any evacuation from the shelter check the local surroundings for enemy activity. If you see a non-human stay in the shelter. There is no agreement with the alien enemy for evacuating non-combatants.