3 Echo 57

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3 Echo 57
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July 26, 2552

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"3 Echo 57 heading back to base, we've got enemy tangos on our six. How copy?"
— 3 Echo 57's last words to UNSC forces

3 Echo 57 was the call sign of a UNSC Army trooper from 3 Echo, who was stationed on Reach in 2552.[1]


3 Echo 57 was ordered to defend Sword Base during the Fall of Reach. When defensive forces were deemed insufficient to hold off the Covenant, Noble Team was sent in to reinforce them. When Catherine-B320 and SPARTAN-B312 arrived, 3 Echo 57 and his fireteam were in a heavily damaged M831 Troop Transport Warthog, under heavy assault from two Zurdo-pattern Wraiths and attempted to retreat to the base. They were killed by one of the Wraiths before they could make it.

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