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This subpage provides guidance on articles covering the subject of "music".


In general, there needs to be an introduction in the article. What should be covered in the article is the title of the music, the length and a general overview of the production of the music (i.e. composition, production, instruments). Also, where available, do include a list of appearances in a form of a paragraph after the introduction. At the end of the article, do include the Soundtrack template and amend the fields as appropriate to the article.

Articles on soundtracks should use the Soundtrack infobox as the introductory infobox. Please include the release date as well as any special versions of the soundtrack.

Articles on individual tracks should use Music infobox as an introductory template.

Embedding videos and linking videos

In the past, it was considered proper to provide an embedded Youtube video in the article. This no longer seems to be the case as these Youtube videos are removed/became unavailable due to copyright takedowns. As such, it is no longer necessary for editors to include an embedded video in articles. Similar applies to video links.

List of relevant templates