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Usze 'Taham/Quotes

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The following is a list of quotes from Usze 'Taham.

Halo: Hunters in the Dark[edit]

  • "Very private. You were waiting for friends of yours to join you here. I believe you will find that they will be in my attendance."
  • "That is certainly unfortunate for you, but worry not. I know enough for both of us. I know you are Otar 'Bemet. I know that you planned to find a way to end the life of the Arbiter. You had half a dozen compatriots who were going to aid you in that endeavor. You now have none. Several of them are dead, and the rest were quite ready to name you specifically in an attempt to save their own miserable lives. The traitors were allowed to live by the very individual whom they were planning to dispose of. As for me—I believe that was a mistake on his part, but it is not my place to make such decisions."
  • "I am my own soldier."
  • "I am impressed that you would remember a random soldier in such a way."
  • "A potential ally? Is that how you see me?"
  • "A charge that was never filed or pursued. And it means nothing now, given the dissolution of the Covenant."
  • "It matters little, considering the fact that there is no more Honor Guard, no more Covenant. Are you attempting to delay the work I came to do, Otar? Very well; I felt my skills could be best used elsewhere."
  • "That is fine talk coming from someone who himself is trying to destroy the Arbiter!"
  • "As opposed to what? Endless slaughter in both sides?"
  • "We attempted that. We were not successful. So perhaps it was time for a different approach."
  • "Crimes? What crimes? For the most part, they died in the war. I hardly think we need to hold that against them. If you are planning to try and use that against me, I would not advise it. It will not end well for you."
  • "I imagine, though, that you have other ideas in mind."
  • "Yes. I know that one of your skill would notice that."
  • "I have worked hard to become so. All who trained under the Rule of 'Sumai are familiar enough with 'Anyame technique."
  • "Perhaps. But not today. And absolutely not by your hand."
  • "Maybe. I can certainly try, though."