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Hey. You've stumbled upon my UserWiki Page. Well I guess I'll show you around. I'm Felix Abramson, I live here in England and go to St. Edmunds College (to you it would be high school). I don't care much for religion but I believe there is some form of deity. I am a massive fan of Halo and when I complete games I often go back to search for easter eggs and other little details. I am a devout Megadeth and Metallica fan and I am always trying to open people's minds to other forms of music aside from pop and I wasnt to defeat all heavy metal stereotypes and prejudices. My current favourite songs are "Train of Consequences" by Megadeth, "Fuel" by Metallica and "2112" by Rush.I enjoy reading and am currently reading Immediate Action and the Diary of Anne Frank. I am interested in everything military and am known as the keeno of the College Cadet Force. When I am older I want to become a zoologist; I haven't decided which speciality but I'm thinking Ornithology, Icthyology or Arthropodology.