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Kingston upon Hull, United Kingdom


Kingston upon Hull, United Kingdom


September 21st




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Hello and welcome to my social profile! To start, my username on this fine ol' wiki is Brute Honour Guard. I am indeed a Halo fan and have been since I first played Halo: Combat Evolved back in 2005. I have since immersed myself within its expansive lore, beautiful music and amazing gameplay. I find it to be a beautifully crafted franchise. I am also very excited to be assisting Halopedia's project. I love the concept of having a Halo themed encyclopedia which I am actually able to edit. I wish to see it thrive.

To go into further detail about myself. I happen to be 18 years old and I currently reside within England. I'm currently attending college. The course I am doing is centered around forensic science, as I have quite an affinity towards biology and science. Among my favourite fields of science are evolutionary biology, zoology, histology and paleontology. Though I am also deeply fascinated by all subjects relating to science. The rest of my interests mainly revolve around science-fiction and video games.

I'm sorry if I may seem weird, may not talk much or might interpret you very literally. I happen to be afflicted with Asperger syndrome. It is essentially a mild form autism, and it can account from some of my austere and odd behavior. Thank you very much for stopping by and reading my user page. I hope you have a splendid day! :)

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Favorite Halo moment

Managing to complete Halo: Combat Evolved on legendary difficulty for the very first time. Hugging Elite FTW!

Worst Halo moment

Witnessing 343 Guilty Spark kill Avery Johnson.

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Never use the assault rifle if you can help it.


No need to apologize. Nobody's perfect ;)


French Halopedia ≠ Spanish Halopedia. I'm partially fluent in Spanish, but I know extremely little French. I recognize many Spanish words. Just to let you know. :)


You wouldn't happen to know where to find a transcript of BTS: Defiant Map Pack would you?


Where did you get the pictures of Zuka and Yayap? Did you make them? Are they confirmed images of them?


Hey, you know the image you uploaded with the troll face? Shouldn't that also be put in the Troll Face Easter egg article?


You do realize that despite you being my friend your a Jiralhanae so I must kill you.Just kidding


Don't worry, i've permabanned his dumbass from here. Nothing to see here, move along...move along. :)


Your very welcome, finally someone who agrees with me that Brutes rock I mean I like Elites a "bit" better but not as biasedly as some annoying UNSC-Seperatist biased pricks ive come across on halo forums. I like how with the Brutes, they're not honourable like the Elites so there not as rigid in their thinking, they can think outside the box. I also liked their beserking style in Halo 2 and all.