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Real name

Justin Lee


-, South Korea


Huddersfield, United Kingdom


May 18th

About me

I am a proponent of Socialism (ironic, all things considered), an agnostic atheist, and a veteran of the War in Iraq. Currently I am 24 years of age, height approximately 2 metres, weight approximately 75 kilos. I respect intelligent individuals of all beliefs and ethnicities so long as they do not attempt to force their beliefs on others, and abhor stupidity, prejudice, and ignorance (the three hallmarks of the general population).

As for an abridged history of my life:

I was born and raised in the United Kingdom, in the market town of Huddersfield, Metropolitan Borough of Kirklees, West Yorkshire. Since then I've been around the world and back, having taken up residence at least temporarily in Seoul, London, and Moscow. For three years I served with the Republic of Korea Army (RoKA), as a Military Police Officer (303rd Border Security Regiment, Korean De-Militarised Zone, temporarily Bagram Airbase along with Army Engineers and other M.P.'s), and as an Infantry Machinegunner/Automatic Rifleman (3rd Armoured Brigade, "Zaytun Division" taskforce headquartered at Arbil). I left the Army with an E-3 paygrade.

I re-enlisted on 21 January (22 January in the Korean timezone), and am currently a Special Warfare candidate and prospective Black Beret. I hold the rank of Byeongjang, with an E-4 paygrade.

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