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United Kingdom


Birmingham, United Kingdom


Student. aren't we all? LoL.

Places I've lived

oh here and there. I tend to travel a lot. but mostly to the fridge and back LOL.


not much LoL. Seriously um Primary, two Secondaries and College so far. on to Uni and beyond LoL.

About me

Just your average teen not much to say really except I am a Huge Halo fan who has followed the series from start to finish.

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Personal information

All Star Wars films. Princess Mononoke the most awesome amine film I have ever seen, seriously watch it. the Matrix trilogy, I am Legend, Pirates of the Caribbean films, Alien/Predator films, the Disney classics and Lord Of the rings trilogy.


Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate Universe, Merlin, Simpsons, Doctor Who, Nature documentaries, Primeval, Big Bang Theory, How I met Your mother, Scrubs and Friends to name but a few.


I don't have any particular genre but rather a mixture like Rock, Metal, Alternative, Folk, Rap, a bit of Hip pop, Gospel/Religious and some Celtic/Welsh revival. my tastes are pretty broad to say the least.


Lord Of the Rings, Hobbit, Harry Potter, Inheritance Cycle, Star Wars, Gears of War and Halo novels, Narnia, Young Samurai series and Tales of Earthsea.

Video games

All of the Halo games of course. Gears of War 1 and 2. Dead Space. Fallout 3, Fable 2, Ninja Blade, Modern Warfare 2, Republic Commando, King Kong, Turok 2008 release, Army of Two: 40th day, Crackdown and Red Dead Redemption.


Marvel comics like Spider-man, X-men and Batman etc. Xbox 360 magazine, Empire and newspapers like the Times and the Independent.


Pizza and cheeseburger please LoL. Pretty much whatever tastes and smells nice like bacon or chicken you know whatever works. but I will not and shall not touch spicy food! sorry but I just can't stand it, its always so hot man. Veg is ok too. LoL


Coke, Sprite, Fanta including all of the variants. Squash and water if I really need a drink otherwise I don't touch the stuff LoL. Hot coco and marshmallows.

Halo tidbits
Favorite Halo moment

My favorite Halo moment has to be assassinating an Elite for the first time. I kept replaying that level in Reach to try new moves, man good times. Oh and watching the Halo 4 trailer, the longest time I ever went without saying anything. no words can describe that epicness.

Worst Halo moment

First time I played online multiplayer slayer mode I completely sucked at it. after about an hour and half of playing i had only two kills and 33 deaths, man it was so humiliating. Well it was my first time playing at and i got better in the end.

Anything else

I personally think that elites are the most badass aliens in Halo and completely curb stomp those stupid Brutes. oh and johnson is awesome!

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I'm currently studying to be an aeronautical engineer. Right now, I'm a freshman, so it's an entirely new experience for me. But like I said, it's nothing like what the teachers said it would.




People like me whose laptop can`t sustain Diablo 3 they watch streams. I did enjoy Torchlight so I probably will like Diablo too. What do you think?


WE WIN!!! YEAAAAAHHH SUCK IT AMERICA!!!! But ACTA is now trying to tuin things in the EU Union but I think that Bulgaria might not accept it. The weather is gradually becoming warmer and today was the first meeting of our Ecology club! You know I told you I though of studying Pharamacy right? I`m actually more into Pharmacology and if the education is good I might just come over in the UK! I never got the chance of asking but what are you studying in Uni?


Fist off how are you? What`s going on up there in the UK? The changes to the site are good and don`t forget And what about that timer- 15 and 7 hours until something cool happens?

avatar AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FLOOD!!!!!!! Stupid parasite! Never liked them at all! I was thinking about the Halo:Movie- there was on a site a kind of a timeline: first movie Harvest and Reach, The Flood and then I think the Installation-00 and the end. The second and third movies I think may be Horror and you don`t need me to tell you why! The campaign look just breath-taking and it really looks like a modern game- the story just epic after 10 years and just the graphics needed a polish other than that Halo:CE is still one of the best Halo games in the franchise! Over and out.

avatar Medals,achievements,terminals and MORE! And who says you can`t make a good remake on Halo!