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"I just rediscovered Infinity today while taking some screenshots. I played on it before but I hardly noticed the awesomeness, and today I was like, "Woah, this is an awesome map!"
Naja Arboque
"What is the point of the thing that, if it is a thing that exists, non-existently never wrongs unless used correctly wrong? Everything and nothing. There is nothing that is everything and nothing is everything, but in an alternate universe, could nothing be something? Anything? A thing? A DONUT!?"
"You just have to face the fact that people sometimes won't believe you without proof"
"Everything is funny as long as it is happening to somebody else"
— Autel Vadam
"The administrator who locked it offered this explanation: The database has been automatically locked while the slave database servers catch up to the master"
Wikia at its best...
"Recently, some screenshots were leaked. Bungie is not happy."
"Whichever idiot wrote the Halo Encyclopaedia stole the M809 and renamed it the M808B2 Sun Devil. What a knave."
Ajax 013 when comparing the variants of the Scorpion tank and his M809 tank.
"I thought it was cool, even if the Forerunners looked like power rangers."
— Doole commenting on the appearance of the Forerunners[1]
GGear0323: "umm, is there some reason that one Brute decided to shoot at the wall instead of the 3 Spartans running straight at him."
Cpryd001: "Because Brutes were trained at The Imperial stormtrooper school of marksmanship"
— GGear0323 and Cpryd001 on the release of Halo: Legends[2]
"<Maslab> If you watch Halo backwards it's a story about how humans are on the brink of extinction when a gentile race of aliens come and create more humans with their love rays."
"When I joined Halopedia, we didn't have any fancy schmancy two variants in one single page, we had two pages! Two pages, and a disambiguation! And we deleted that disambiguation!"
Sketch: "Dammit, I really like this screenshot and it’s the only passable first person asset we have right now, but it’s got all this extra UI text in it that’s not in campaign."
Urk: "Just pixelate it. Everybody will think we’re hiding super top secret stuff."
— Sketch and Urk about the pixelated material during the development of Halo: Reach beta
Flotilla: "Don't you ever sleep Smoke?"
Smoke.: "I've had insomnia the past couple of weeks or so."
Flotilla and Smoke.
"If all else fails, Ask Subs."
"I was in GameStop a couple days ago, picked it up and looked at the back of a box and some guy thought I was a dude"
"Tonyverse: FUCK SCIENCE!"
CommanderTony's Halo Universe.
"<Spamhammer> If you're sweating from a videogame, you need to get out more..."
"<HBad> I love the level of organization at wikia
<HBad> Each wiki is like a mini-dictatorship and then the top is like an oligarchy"
"<CommanderTony> Then NOVA the shit out of everything. Not my universe, not my problem ;)."
"A thought experiment emphasizes this point. Imagine you are in a fight to the death: If your opponent loses, will the sun rise tomorrow? Almost all people would say yes, but if you lose, will the sun rise tomorrow? Yes. Not for you but for everyone else"
ODST Joshie
"<CommanderTony> And yes, it's official, I love asians."
"<Ghost_sangheili> I will bitch with civility ^_^"
Ghost_Sangheili arguing on the canonicity of Halo Legends.
"<Ghost_sangheili> Halo-Fanon follows canon better than the publishers do XD"
Ghost_Sangheili, again, arguing on the canonicity of Halo Legends.
"<[AR]> Principle of Evil Marksmanship: No Matter How Elite You Are, Your Accuracy Is Reduced To That of a Mentally Retarded, Lazy-Eyed Bum When You're Fighting "Good Guys""
"Halo 3 - Finish the Fight
Halo 4 - Restart the Fight
Halo 5 - Fight some more
Halo 6 - Finish the fight again"
— An accurate description of the new trilogy[3]

Recent Changes


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Subs is lazy

  • (Deletion log); . . Forerunner (Talk | contribs | Block) deleted "Epitaph Organ Music" (Unneeded: Subtank is a very lazy lady)


May 9, 2009 CommanderTony (Talk | contribs) blocked I Am Jesus (Talk | contribs) with an expiry time of infinite (account creation disabled, e-mail blocked, cannot edit own talk page) ‎ (Unacceptable username: are not. )


  • (Block log); . . Halo-343 (Talk | contribs) unblocked Halo-343 (Talk | contribs) (That was the biggest fail of my career. I'm just gonna cower in the corner...)
  • (Block log); . . Halo-343 (Talk | contribs) blocked Halo-343 (Talk | contribs) with an expiry time of 1 year (account creation disabled, cannot edit own talk page) (Vandalism: To finish the sentence that was tragically cut off last summary: Shut up you fucking idiot.)

Hamburger Technology

  • (diff) (hist) . . m Čerenkov Radiation‎; . . (-24) . . Halopediaman (Talk | contribs | Block) (Is it related to technology? Yes, technology makes it. But a grill makes a hamburger and that doesn't make a hamburger technology.) [rollback]

A year later...

  • (diff | hist) . . m Cortana‎; 22:43 . . (0) . . Halo-343 (Talk | contribs) (And who capitalized "galaxy"? Ignoring the fact it was me, of course. Shame on you, me.)

Hatred with a passion

  • November 20, 2011 Wilc0 (Talk | contribs) blocked Halopedian (Talk | contribs) with an expiry time of infinite (account creation disabled) ‎ (Unacceptable username)
  • November 19, 2011 Wilc0 (Talk | contribs) blocked 343industries (Talk | contribs) with an expiry time of 1 year (account creation disabled) ‎ (Vandalism)

Spread misogyny... wait what?

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Fast and furious

(Move log); . . Jugus (talk | contribs) moved page Nes'alun leep to Nes'alun keep without leaving a redirect ‎(Oh, come on. This is what you get when you try to do these things too fast.)
(Move log); . . Jugus (talk | contribs) moved page Nes'alun Keep to Nes'alun leep ‎
(Move log); . . Jugus (talk | contribs) moved page Lacalu Keep to Lacalu keep ‎
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(Move log); . . Jugus (talk | contribs) moved page Bekan Keep to Bekan keep ‎
(Move log); . . Jugus (talk | contribs) moved page Vadam Keep to Vadam keep ‎(The "keep" part isn't capitalized in every mention in TCP, and never in the Kilo-Five books.)

Jugus' second worst idea (approx. three years after)

Revision as of 04:46, 26 August 2014 (edit)
Jugus (talk | contribs)
(I juggled the idea of dedicated NPC/AI sections back and forth a lot but I believe this is the best solution.)
← Older edit
Latest revision as of 06:31, 27 February 2017 (edit) (undo)
Jugus (talk | contribs)    [rollback 1 edit]
(This dual format is the second worst idea I've ever had (luckily it's not being used much). Better solution incoming, soon™)


Six Kills!!

|<-- ChristineV has left (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
|<-- Wash has left #halopedia ("God! My brilliance is now becoming a bit of a burden. Get back to me.")
|<-- Haloman333 has left (" ajax IRC Client")
|<-- sangheili_dude has left ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")
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<Justineac> uh
<Justineac> 6 kills
Justineac> what was it
<Justineac> damn
<Justineac> >_<
<Subtank> XD

Forerunner and ONI

<Forerunner> <ONIrecon111> Juggernaut is the gametypes name<ONIrecon111> Dreadnaught is correct, and Juggernaut is correct
<ONIrecon111> Forerunner: they are bother CORRECT
<Forerunner> yes
<ONIrecon111> do you understand english?
<Forerunner> not yours
<ONIrecon111> C-O-R-R-E-C-T

I is Manticorez

<SPARTAN-984> hai Manticore
<ShadowboyT> im gonna do the ending lines to all the Halo games
<SPARTAN-984> Great, now the funzors is over.
<Stigma-231> Hi Subbie.
<FlowingSword> That's not Manti
<JamesRVH> Manticore....?
<unluckynumber11> lol
<Commonwealth> XD
<SPARTAN-984> Oh...
<Stigma-231> It's Subtank.
<Stigma-231> Silly.
<SPARTAN-984> *selffacepalm*
<JamesRVH> 984, i swear you get dumber every time I see you xD

SPARTAN-984 Welcome Message

<SPARTAN-984> *facepalm*
<SPARTAN-984> Crap, I just facepalmed in front of an admin. On top of that, that was the first thing she saw
* SPARTAN-984 proceeds to facepalm again

Mode +b

* Sub7ank sets mode +b on JamesRVH
* JamesRVH sets mode -b on JamesRVH
* Sub7ank sets mode +b on JamesRVH
* JamesRVH sets mode -b on JamesRVH xinfinity or w/e
* Sub7ank sets mode +b on JamesRVH.... uh.... infinity+infinity
* JamesRVH sets flags -O on Sub7ank
<Sub7ank> O_O
* JamesRVH sets mode -b on JamesRVH
* JamesRVH wins!
* Sub7ank raises white flag...

Who am I?

<AscyVamal>SO, we haz CT and... who's commonwealth?
<Commonwealth> Admoni
<Azzt|Maths> a minor deity
<Commonwealth> Admonin*
<AscyVamal> Let me guess... Iz it HaloDude?
<Azzt|Maths> no
<AscyVamal> I know how to find out!
<Commonwealth> Srz biz, u know.
* SPARTAN-G024 whispers subtank
=-= AscyVamal is now known as Subtank
<Subtank> Ahahahaha! Gotcha!
19:08] |<-- Subtank has left (Nick collision from services.)
*NickServ* Subtank has been ghosted.

Solipsism Discussion

<SPARTAN-G024> Solipsism
<Solipsil> Solipsism is life!
<AlphaFour> If I was creating my own world, it would be in much higher definition
<SPARTAN-G024> I agree with AlphaFour
<SPARTAN-G024> The world would be a better place if Solipsism was real
<AlphaFour> Ummmmmm, there would be no world, well besides in my mind, because you would not really exist : P

Oh god no!

*TheSecurityGuard is now known as Brain_Coolant
*Brain_Coolant is now known as Ajax_The_Ahax
*CommanderTony is now known as Tony_The_Toeknee
*Tony_The_Toeknee is now known as Miley_Cyrus
<Theta_Six> Oh god no.


  • CommanderTony hits Ajax with with an ALV.
  • Cop_Killer hits Tony with AIDS
  • TheVerve his Cop_Killer with Ebola.
  • Cop_Killer hits Beth with the T-Virus
  • CommanderTony hits Ajax with a get a sense of reality, you art student.
  • TheVerve injects herself with the rebirth virus, then stabs herself
  • Cop_Killer hits Tony with a broken bottle
  • SPARTAN-G024 hits everyone with the G-Virus.
  • Cop_Killer hits Beth with lava
  • CommanderTony hits Ajax with a book.
  • CommanderTony hits Joshie with a stick.
  • Cop_Killer hits Tony with a pencil
  • CommanderTony hits Ajax with a hot librarian.
  • Cop_Killer hits tony with a ugly librarian
  • SPARTAN-G024 gives Cop_Killer a hot chick.
  • Cop_Killer gives her and G024 herpes

<Solipsil> O_O


  • YOU are now known as Sub-Way

<ElectricSquid> lol
<SPARTAN-984> I wonder how much Subbles is paid to advertise.
<SPARTAN-G024> lul.
<ElectricSquid> lol
<ElectricSquid> I could use some Subway right now...

#halo-fanon discussion - What constitutes a Hero

<Hyper_Drive> war can't really produce heroes, heroes put an end to war
<Hyper_Drive> heroes are those that can protect whom they love without killing everyone else
<Hyper_Drive> so, I don't really consider US soldiers who killed vietnamese or japanese people 'heroes'

Curiosity - A Boy Thing

<Ghost_sangheili> and they'll fall to the gorund screaming
<Ajax_013> I can audibly hear Sub7ank sighing from here
<Sub7ank> ;)
<Ghost_sangheili> ...
<Ghost_sangheili> i thought this was man chat

  • Sub7ank /boys/
  • CT|Buck /girls/
  • Ghost_sangheili /its/
  • Matt-256 /genders/

<Sub7ank> Go ahead...

  • CT|Buck /ajax'/

<Ajax_013> =D

  • Ghost_sangheili apologizes to Sub7ank

<Sub7ank> 'tis ok....
<Sub7ank> common boy curiosity. :P
<Matt-256> common girl nonsensity
<Ghost_sangheili> why would i be curious
<Ajax_013> awww
<Ghost_sangheili> i already know all there is to know
<Ajax_013> kimmy r angry
<Matt-256> srsly, you never know what they think

Whenever I Quit A Channel, This Happens

<-- Superintendent (n=chatzill@unaffiliated/subtank) has left #halopedia
<Speedb1rd> :(
<Snore66> :(
<AscendantJustice> :(
<Speedb1rd> We r al! saadfaec cuz Subbie r leev...
<AscendantJustice> :(
<SPARTAN-984> S:(S:(S:(S:(S:(A:(A:(A:(A:(A:(D:(FACE
<AscendantJustice> lmao
<AscendantJustice> faec*
<Speedb1rd> Well, 984, you made quite a sadface-spammin' whatever. O_o
<Speedb1rd> nice attempt though.
<Snore66> :((((

Ajax's "Unique" Character

<Ajax_013> DREAD SCYTHE!

  • Ajax_013 wuvs his new weapon design ^.^

<SPARTAN-984> Ajax: Do you like Section 8?
<MidnightRambler> There better not be a hooker on this Ajax_013.
<MidnightRambler> I SWEAR!
<SPARTAN-984> Midnight: Semi-hooker
<MidnightRambler> Still a hooker.
<VideoGameChick> what the heck
<SPARTAN-984> If not for the holes in the legs she would look like she'd come from Rock Band
<SPARTAN-984> but focus on the weapon and not the hooker
<VideoGameChick> hooker librarian
<SPARTAN-984> that is one kickass scythe
<SPARTAN-984> I wonder what comes next
<SPARTAN-984> Hooker construction worker? Or has that been done already?
<VideoGameChick> hooker housewife
<VideoGameChick> =D
<MidnightRambler> Already been done.
<Ajax_013> she is short sighted and needs glasses, that must, by default, make her a librarian? >_>
<MidnightRambler> Yes.
<Ajax_013> narrow minded cretins
<SPARTAN-984> That, plus the plaid jacket and DD cup
<MidnightRambler> XD
<SPARTAN-984> That makes her a HOOKER LIBRARIAN!
<MidnightRambler> Hey, Ajax.
<Ajax_013> <3 plaid jackets

  • Snore66 ( has joined #halopedia

<Ajax_013> I got about 4 plaid shirts
<MidnightRambler> 'least we don't draw all are women with abnormally large breasts.
<Ajax_013> the pattern on that what uses mine as a colour reference
<SPARTAN-984> Middy: Boobs are abnormally large idiot!
<Ajax_013> sex sells, durrrrr
<SPARTAN-984> Ajax: For hookers, durrrrrrrr
<VideoGameChick> gosh
<Snore66> lol
<VideoGameChick> but people in life have abnormally large boobs
<MidnightRambler> Not girls I know.
<Superintendent> False.
<VideoGameChick> its ridicules
<Superintendent> It's a male fantasy.
<MidnightRambler> As per Superintendent
<SPARTAN-984> As per MidnightRambler
<VideoGameChick> boob implants
<Superintendent> Or that. :P
<SPARTAN-984> And then there's boobs that are in video games that defy the laws of physics
<JWR|Privateer> hm?
<Ajax_013> =P
<JWR|Privateer> My "boob" senses were tingling.
<JWR|Privateer> What's going on?
<SPARTAN-984> JWR: Look at Ajax's picture
<SPARTAN-984> We're talking about boobies

Quoting AR Quoting CT

<[AR]> Which reminds me
<[AR]> Sub7ank;
<[AR]> <Spartan-091> hahah
<[AR]> <Spartan-091> Gaijin, do I know you?
<[AR]> <Gaijinsamurai> I'm Subtank.
<[AR]> <Spartan-091> oh.
<[AR]> <Spartan-091> then why aren't you?
<[AR]> * Gaijinsamurai kisses Spartan-091.
<[AR]> * Spartan-091 kisses back
<[AR]> <[AR]> It's Tony o.o
<[AR]> <Gaijinsamurai> hahaha
<Sub7ank> O_O
<[AR]> * [AR] 's thoughts are confirmed.
<[AR]> From yesterday >.>

Mombasa is a real place!

<Ghost_sangheili> Woah
<Ghost_sangheili> I'm looking at Mombasa on google earth
<Ghost_sangheili> Kikowani and Kizingo are real places O.o
<Nicmavr> What's it like?
<Ghost_sangheili> so is Tayari
<Nicmavr> Of course. :)
<Skwisgaar>'re a freaking genius


* Nicmavr Phailure
<sonademsohnotypo> how'd I do with my attempts to tune up the epicness?
<Phailure> XD
<Commonwealth> XD
<Nicmavr> Pretty cool
<Nicmavr> Err...
<sonademsohnotypo> lol
<sonademsohnotypo> I see what you did thar
* Nicmavr just made a phail out of himself >.>

The Tru7h Behind Immortality

[AR] is unable to be killed, but in turn, is also unable to kill things.
<[AR]> I'm like that annoying ghost that keeps pestering you about odds and ends.
<[AR]> Constantly.
<[AR]> Incessantly.
<[AR]> Thus, I kill things through boredom o.O

Before Quitting

<Ajax_013> i swear i'll give you herpes
<Ajax_013> and not the fun kind
<Ajax_013> the itchy kind
<Superintendent> O_O
* Superintendent was just about to close ChatZilla. O_O
<Superintendent> I'm soooo gonna have nightmares tonight..
<S-118|TV> lawl
<S-118|TV> xD

Tonyverse and Science

* KizoriKitagawa infects everything in the Tonyverse with AIDS.
<KizoriKitagawa> Fvck you!
* Ajax_013 cures it
<KizoriKitagawa> Nope...
<KizoriKitagawa> Stop godmodding your stupid SPARTAN.
<Ajax_013> actually, if i think about it
<Ajax_013> he'd have a immunity to it
<KizoriKitagawa> That's cool, but everyone and everything throughout time in the Tonyverse has a strain of Forerunner AIDS.
* Ajax_013 cures it
<Ajax_013> anyway
<KizoriKitagawa> Forerunner AIDS isn't Human AIDS you knave.
* Ajax_013 watches humans be unaffected
<Ajax_013> sorry, it requires large amounts of mutation to jump species =D
<Ajax_013> anyway
<KizoriKitagawa> Sorry, but science is forbidden in the Tonyverse.
<KizoriKitagawa> Therefore nobody will believe anything you say in my universe, because of stupid science talk.
* Ajax_013 cures AIDS with magic then


<Galactica> Subtank: did you like getting owned? ;)
<Subtank> ?
<Galactica> on the Skirmisher talk
<Subtank> Please explain how I'm "getting owned" please...
<Galactica> well
<Galactica> you see...
<Galactica> er...
<Galactica> um...
<--| Galactica has left #halopedia

Internet is dangerous

<Subtank> New internet term I can use. :D
|<-- Maslab has left freenode (*.net *.split)
|<-- G-23|TV has left freenode (*.net *.split)
|<-- [AR] has left freenode (*.net *.split)
|<-- Splinter has left freenode (*.net *.split)
<SPARTAN-K117> O_o
<Ajax_013> Subbles, it was super effective!

April Eve

<CommanderTony> Ummm...I still see [REDACTED].
<Superintendent> Clear your cache.
<CommanderTony> I did.
<Superintendent> Odd. I don't see any of them. :|
<Superintendent> Perhaps you need to restart the browser?
<CommanderTony> no u
<Superintendent> Use IE.
<CommanderTony> Hell no!
<Superintendent> just for this time. :P
<CommanderTony> I rather commit Seppuku.
<Superintendent> :P
<Superintendent> XD
<Superintendent> How about other web browser?
<Superintendent> Opera? Safari?
<CommanderTony> I don't want to go to hell.
<Superintendent> Google Chrome?
<CommanderTony> I'm not a porn addict or an idiot.
<Superintendent> Oh well, your only option is to reset your browser...

Flying Kisses

* Joe_Kickass blows kisses to Sub7ank
<Joe_Kickass> remember, it's only sexual if you catch and/or eat it ;)
<Halopediaman> I wouldn't. Likely carries a disease of some sort..
<Joe_Kickass> XD

Most & Half

<|AR|> Commonwealth ; Same difference >.>
<Commonwealth> Half < Most.
<Commonwealth> Most > Half.
<|AR|> >.>
<Commonwealth> Compare "Most of the population has been wiped out" and "Half of the population has been wiped out".
<Commonwealth> ;)
<|AR|> "Most of 091 's inherently male characteristics were removed"
<|AR|> As opposed to
<|AR|> "Half of 091 's inherently male characteristics were removed"

Why unilinky is important

<Ajax_013> well
<Ajax_013> if some stupid bastard hadn't kicked unilinky
<Ajax_013> i could of added it easily
<|AR|> -.-
<|AR|> Is it /THAT/ difficult
<|AR|> To go to the address bar
<|AR|> Copy it.
<|AR|> And paste it?
<|AR|> /THAT/ difficult?
<Joshua-A432> yes
<Sub7ank> yes.
<Ajax_013> yes
<Arnold-A475> Yes.
<Sub7ank> tru7h: we are lazy.


=-= SPARTAN-091 has changed the topic to “Welcome to #halo-fanon Irk! | The Halo Fan Fiction Wiki: | Unilinky is back! Love her! Don't Kick Her!”
=-= Mode #Halo-Fanon -o SPARTAN-091 by SPARTAN-091
<HardDisk_WP> I do protest.
<HardDisk_WP> unilinky is not female, dude
<SPARTAN-091> To us, she is...
<HardDisk_WP> pics or it didnt happen
<HardDisk_WP> :P
<SPARTAN-091> Sure
<SPARTAN-091> Hold on, I'll link you
<HardDisk_WP> RoFL
<SPARTAN-091> [[Unilinky]]
<SPARTAN-091> Behold, good sir!
<HardDisk_WP> Holy Shit! LOL!

Thank you!

<|AR|> -.-
<|AR|> I blocked the IP
<|AR|> Maslab blocked it again
<|AR|> And he thanks Subbles.

Blame Wikia

<ashley> Check to see if you have a problem.
<ashley> If so, blame wikia.
<ashley> If the problem persists, blame wikia more
<ashley> Repeat steps 2-3 as necessary :P

klaT nuF

-->| Kill3r (46ae60e2@gateway/web/cgi-irc/ has joined #halopedia
<Kill3r> Hello.
<Kouger> .olleH
<Kill3r> ?
<Kouger> ?
<Superintendent> .olleH
<General5_7> ...
<Kill3r> Okay?
<Superintendent> ?uoy era woH
<Kouger> ?yakO
<the_rogue_smiler> Heaveno
<Kill3r> That's getting annoying...
<Kouger> .eip ekil I
<Superintendent> .deednI
<General5_7> ...
<Kill3r> Can you guys stop?
<Superintendent> .yakO
<General5_7> .mom ru
<General5_7> P:
<the_rogue_smiler> pots
<Kouger> .esaelp yaS
<Kill3r> pots?
<General5_7> stop
<Kouger> ESAELP
<Superintendent> .reguoK rep sA
<Kill3r> This is getting retarded.
<Kouger> mom ru
<Superintendent> .uoy htiw eerga I
<Kill3r> Screw this, I'm not gonna deal with a bunch of assholes.
<Superintendent> ):
|<-- Kill3r has left freenode (Client Quit)


<|AR|> (>◕.◕)>
<|AR|> (>◕.◕)> (>^.^)>
<|AR|> (>◕.(>O.O)>
<|AR|> (>◕.(>◕.O)>
<|AR|> (>◕.(>◕.◕)>
<|AR|> (>◕.◕)> (>◕.◕)> (>^.^)>

Echostream Trouble!

-->| EchostreamFanJos (405cbc10@gateway/web/cgi-irc/ has joined #halopedia
<EchostreamFanJos> Ok I'm back
<Syd_Barrett> CAN YOU HEAR US
<EchostreamFanJos> Yes I can
<EchostreamFanJos> yes
<Syd_Barrett> GO TO TOOLS
<Syd_Barrett> CHATZILLA
<EchostreamFanJos> I'm at Chatzilla, where's Freenode?

Ignore the Ops

-->| YOU (Solipsil) have joined #halo-fanon
=-= Mode #Halo-Fanon +o Solipsil by ChanServ

  • Flame-124 pokes Sol

<Flame-124> I think the operators are ignoring me

  • Solipsil agrees

<Flame-124> o_o

Emotional AR

  • |AR| is curiously furious at your spurious remarks.

<|AR|> Nah... I'm not.
<[Leo]> how odd
<[Leo]> The /real/ AR has no emotions
<Superintendent> :P
<|AR|> [Leo] ; The bloody hell do you think I said I wasn't then?
<|AR|> Err, rather, not then*
<[Leo]> You were confused B)
<[Leo]> You are discovering your emotions xD
<|AR|> [Leo] ; Read my response again.
<[Leo]> ...or hitting puberty
<Superintendent> XD
<[Leo]> ;)

First Post!

<StillAlive> This is... funny. :P
<Lord_Strathcona> FUCK!
<StillAlive> XD
<StillAlive> I guess I should say...
<Lord_Strathcona> IT'S FATE!
<StillAlive> "FIRST!"

Secret ability!

<Subtank> [Smoke]: Undelete the recent forum.
<Subtank> And read if it makes sense.
<Nicmavr> Or just view the deleted content B)
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<Subtank> Nicmavr: Shush!
<Subtank> Don't tell anyone about that ability!
<Nicmavr> Subtank: >_>
<Subtank> ;)
<Subtank> 'tis a secret.
<Sparty_McFly> What ability?
<Nicmavr< indeed
<Subtank> Oh, nothing.
<Sparty_McFly> ...I can tell when you lie
<Subtank> Nicmavr can make an ice-cream. :)
<Sparty_McFly> heh
<Subtank> Secret ability. ;)
<Nicmavr> Yea I can

IRC Mortal Kombat

<Forever_Autumn> charitwo, I challenge you to IRC Mortal Kombat
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<Superintendent> XD

I came, I left

<[A32]> now what I've finally got here, you know what I'm going to do?
<[A32]> Leave.
<Submercenary> ...
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<Subtank> XD
<[Leo]> ...
<TheLegion> XD

Water Argument

<RichardRHunt> They should have something like "water is more likely to kill you than marijuana"
<Morpheus300> 2h2o
<Morpheus300> Di Hidrogen Monoxide
<RichardRHunt> no just H20
<Maslab> 2H2O is the proper formula
<RichardRHunt> because 2H20 is heavy water
<Maslab> Because you need two hydrogen molecules (2H2) and one oxygen molecule (O2) to make water (2H2O)
<Maslab> So it's not heavy
<Maslab> It's just mathematically correct
<RichardRHunt> true
<Morpheus300> and also it's ion charge is balanced
<RichardRHunt> but then it would be 2H202
<RichardRHunt> because what your saying 2 x H2 + O2
<|AR|> RichardRHunt ; Heavy Water is ²H2O
<|AR|> Or D20
<RichardRHunt> yeah i know
<RichardRHunt> hurp derp
<|AR|> Just uses Deuterium instead of Hydrogen.
<Morpheus300> It takes 4 hydrogens to 2 oxygens to get a balanced ion charge

Xenu is a Precursor

  • Sub7ank wonder if Scientology has anything to do with Cryptum....

<Sub7ank> Xenu is a Precursor!
<The_Didact> Ajax, you do understand that your comebacks actual give ME the "one up".
<|AR|> Scientology has EVERYTHING to do with it
<|AR|> Scientology has EVERYTHING to do with EVERYTHING.
<Sub7ank> We've been tampered by the Precursors, aka Xenu! :O
<The_Didact> So Tom Cruise is actually The_Didact?
<The_Didact> ...fuck.

So, North Korea...

<LOMI> welcome AR
<Forever_Autumn> Hai AR
<|AR|> Well, I'm still acclimating to the new unit.
<|AR|> So to speak.
<LOMI> transfer?
<|AR|> LOMI - From the unit I served with in Iraq (3 Armoured Brigade) to the Capital Mechanised Division.
<LOMI> You were in a Iraq? Missed the memo
<|AR|> Suppose I could be honoured, considering it's the best Mechanised Infantry formation in the country, but I don't know these people quite yet.
<|AR|> LOMI - I thought it was common knowledge.
<LOMI> No, I knew military, and I knew North Korea, that was as far as I ever heard. well, maybe armored unit, but that's it
<|AR|> I volunteered with my formation to serve several tours with the Zaytun taskforce in Arbil.
<|AR|> Infantry attached to the engineer/medical units for security and aid to the coalition.
<|AR|> LOMI - Wait... I was never in the DPRK :|
<Subtank> LOMI has been away from the irk. :P
<Subtank> for a long long long time.

  • LOMI has much to catch up on

<|AR|> LOMI - This all happened years ago.
<|AR|> We withdrew from Iraq the next year.
<LOMI> so, is it you're from NK not you went there?
<|AR|> ...
<Subtank> XD

4x stronger!!!!

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<Nicmavr> O_O
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<LOMI> Wait... how did you have 4x ops?
<Nicmavr> Because I'm 4x stronger than you B)

History is hot

<|AR|> Serin_Osman ; Prussia didn't exist.
<Serin_Osman> It was a myth, right?
<|AR|> At the time*
<Serin_Osman> XD
<|AR|> All European nations more or less were founded by the barbarian tribes that conquered Rome.
<Serin_Osman> Fuck this is hot...
<|AR|> Err... history apparently arouses Tony now.
<Serin_Osman> fuck you
<Athena32> XD

Irony's a bitch

<Choi_Yun-jung> hello
<LaRageMaudit> Bonsois.
<IIIIIII> Bonsoir*
<Choi_Yun-jung> Her Majesty would frown upon us.
<LaRageMaudit> Thank you. I was about to correct myslef.
<LaRageMaudit> *myself
<LaRageMaudit> Irony's a bitch