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These are just a few Halopedian parodies, I had a little fun with. I'm still new at this, so I'll take a while to create them.


CT as Captain Rex- Usually the one leading our humble #halopedia, keeps us in line, and like Rex is "always first"

Forerunner as Yoda- While we may not always understand him, he has a great knowledge of halopedia's inner-workings.

Me as Anakin- The wise-cracking one, sometimes to the point of annoying my superiors, but come on we can't be serious all the time.

Jaws Redfield as Asajj Ventress- Both a little crazy, but also just "misunderstood"

Zuka Zamamee as Count Dooku- Cause Zuka is an evil genius, simple as that.

Spartan-077 as General Grevious- Because they are both completely insane, but hey who wants to be normal.

Unluckynumber11 as Obi-Wan Kenobi- The other wise cracking guy, but unlike me is able to control himself.

Subtank as Ahsoka- the kind and powerful user, she can always manage to cheer any of us up.

SoH as Commander Cody- the technical one, he can usually be the nice guy, but get on his bad side, and you'll regret it.

You as the Clone Troopers- The everyday user who make the site what it is, keep it up!