Iera 'Desumee

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-Kill the Unggia, men! I shall take 'Radomee's life!

-- Iera 'Desumee

Character info
name=Iera 'Desumee
image=Zealot Shch Nodotee.JPG
homeworld=High Charity
birth=August 29th, 2512
death=EARSED DATE, 2552
weapons=Energy Sword, Plasma Rifle
equipment=Elite Personal Energy Shield
vehicles=Phantom, Ghost, Banshee
era=8th and 9th Ages of Reclamation
rank=Supreme Commander


On August 29th, 2512, two happy Sangheili, who's names have been lost in time, gave a bouncing baby Girl. Who they named Iera. At the age of birth, Iera was drafted to the Covenant as a soldier, and was trained in the art of the sword and rifle, the two skills that would later on save her life many-a-time. Early on in training, Iera killed an Unggoy during a war game session, and was punished by a shot in the hand, with a Carbine, which is very, VERY painful. After that little escapade, she was brought back into training, and vowed to be more careful.