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I Kill U
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Olivia Mistretta


I am not telling you where I live.


October 29th, 2001


Animal Jam, Poptropica, Howrse,Chicken Smoothie,(I mainly play on Howrse. That's where you can contact me.)I also watch a lot of Youtube.

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About me

I am a girl, I am a brony/pegisister, and love Halo comebat evolved and Halo reach and Halo 5! I AM LOYAL TO HALO!!!!!!!!! <3 I also love animals. I am currently obsessed with cats. I read the series "Warriors" by Erin Hunter, as well as "Survivors" and "Seekers" and many other good books. :)

Hobbies & interests

Air Bud, (seen them all) Brave, (luv that one), Grown ups 1 and 2, Hugo, 47 Ronin, My Little Pony: Equestria Girls, etc. (Give me a break, I have short-term memory..) I like "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic","My Cat from Hell" and anything on Animal Planet, "Bar Rescue", "Savage Family/American Diggers", "Ink Master", "Tattoo Nightmares", "Worlds Worst Tentants", "The Simpsons", "Auction Hunters", "Cops",etc. I like Carrie Underwood, Krewella, and other dubstep artists, mainly from Monstercat. I like many, Warriors, the books of Ember, Big Nate, and many other single books that aren't in a series. Halo, Call of Duty, Animal Crossing (I play Wild World and New Leaf)and not many more.. Don't have any Junkfood and Narts Milky Milkshakes

Favorite Halo moment

My favorite Halo moment was when I beat every boy in summer camp on Halo Combat Evolved for PC, and when I later played Reach on Xbox, and actually became good at a game that I loved on a console that I wasn't familiar with. Now I own an Xbox of my own and continue to play Halo on both PC and Xbox.

Worst Halo moment

That time i got a death toll of 70... I was also hacked and trolled many times since my version of CE stinks..

Anything else

I love Halo(duh). I play Reach and CE. I think Call of Duty is okay, but Halo takes the pie when comparing the two.

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Oh, you're talking about halo Combat Evolved.


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