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IRC Quotes

Quotes by Halopedians

"I like to think of White and Red as the colors that define me. White representing my nice, compasionite side. With red being the side that you do not want to fvck with."
— CommanderTony
"*** Spartansniper450 left #halopedia ["It's supposed to hurt it's an ass kicking"]"
— Spartansniper leaving the IRC
"Ass kissing would be nice if I was a girl, but being a's just weird."
— CommanderTony
"Joshie, turn that frown upside down! otherwise you go to a death camp"
— Ajax_013
"N-no, NO!!! SHES SUPPOSED TO BE A BEAUTIFUL BLONDE!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! "Excuse me, I have to puke now too XD""
— Kougermasters, in reaction to this
"now, i must go to a disgusting fast food place and eat disgusting food with my fat relatives"
— Kougermasters
"Nah, Drones on the Drones' home planet. I never knew that was possible!! Reverting stupid edit."
— Me reverting edits in a bad mood
"So do I."
Smoke., in response to a vandal who wrote, "they also enjoy chicken wings" on a page
"Delta-269: when you first said "poptarts" my first thought was "sexual""
Ghost sangheili
"He is like Jesus, only more adorable and believeable."
— MiddyRambler on Kirby

Ice Bears!!

Note: I am Dreadnought and AscendantJustice is Kougermasters.

  • <Dreadnought> hmm...i need a space monster >_<
  • <AscendantJustice> orly
  • <AscendantJustice> lol
  • <AscendantJustice> well
  • <AscendantJustice> are u making your space monster?
  • <Dreadnought> im thinking of one
  • <AscendantJustice> lol
  • <AscendantJustice> k
  • <Dreadnought> hmm...
  • <AscendantJustice> my mind is blank
  • <AscendantJustice> i have no suggestions
  • <Dreadnought> im thinking...bears
  • <AscendantJustice> omG
  • <AscendantJustice> Evil ice bears
  • <AscendantJustice> of death
  • <AscendantJustice> who live on Pluto
  • <AscendantJustice> lmao
  • <Dreadnought> AWESOME
  • <AscendantJustice> really..?
  • <AscendantJustice> =\
  • <Dreadnought> and they breathe icy fire...
  • <AscendantJustice> kewl
  • <AscendantJustice> liquid nitrogen
  • <AscendantJustice> XD
  • <Dreadnought> XD
  • <AscendantJustice> XD
  • <Dreadnought> im naming their leader Sergeant Iceman
  • <Dreadnought> aka CT
  • <Dreadnought> what should i call them? ice bears?
  • <AscendantJustice> yes
  • <AscendantJustice> cheesyDD
  • <Dreadnought> nitrobears
  • <AscendantJustice> erm...
  • <Dreadnought> polar bears!!
  • <Dreadnought> XD
  • <AscendantJustice> nitro makes me generally think of asplosion
  • <AscendantJustice> s
  • <AscendantJustice> XD
  • <Dreadnought> so which one?
  • <AscendantJustice> Ice Bearssssss
  • <Dreadnought> a-ok. im going to have to write this now >_<
  • <Dreadnought> do they travel in space?
  • <AscendantJustice> Umm
  • <AscendantJustice> they have magical
  • <AscendantJustice> weird
  • <AscendantJustice> spaceship
  • <AscendantJustice> thingies
  • <AscendantJustice> lol
  • <Dreadnought> magical glaicers
  • <AscendantJustice> o.o
  • <AscendantJustice> flying icebergs
  • <Dreadnought> XD
  • <AscendantJustice> and when they hit spaceships
  • <AscendantJustice> they sink
  • <AscendantJustice> XD
  • <Dreadnought> wow
  • <Dreadnought> weapons? (other than breath)?
  • <AscendantJustice> ice
  • <AscendantJustice> spears
  • <AscendantJustice> XD
  • <Dreadnought> -.-
  • <Dreadnought> ice guns!!
  • <AscendantJustice> lol
  • <Dreadnought> and they hold them with their mouths and fire with their tounges!
  • <AscendantJustice> wha?
  • * AscendantJustice is perplexed
  • <AscendantJustice> perhaps they should walk on their hind legs
  • <Dreadnought> probably
  • <AscendantJustice> lol
  • <Dreadnought> well, that answers how they should use their mouths to do stuff
  • <AscendantJustice> lol

Respect Mah Authoritah!

<Gaijinsamurai> Then watch it without using #halopedia as Twitter.

<AscendantJustice> XD

<AscendantJustice> Oh stop being so uptight.

<AscendantJustice> lulz

<Gaijinsamurai> Heh, lulz that's funny.

<Dreadnought> XD

<Gaijinsamurai> And too true.

<AscendantJustice> Indeed.

      • mode/#halopedia [+o Gaijinsamurai] by ChanServ

<AscendantJustice> uh oh

<AscendantJustice> baiiiiii

      • AscendantJustice was kicked from #halopedia by Gaijinsamurai [Gaijinsamurai]
      • AscendantJustice [] has joined #halopedia

<AscendantJustice> XD

<Dreadnought> bai

<Gaijinsamurai> Oh yeah, and I don't tolerate smartasses.

<Dreadnought> XD

      • Snore66 [] has joined #halopedia

<Dreadnought> Rawr

<AscendantJustice> So then you don't tolerate yourself...?

<Snore66> uh hi

<Dreadnought> XD

<Snore66> DX

<Snore66> ha HA

<Gaijinsamurai> You know Kougers...that Op request that you want....slowly slipping away.

<Dreadnought> DX

<Dreadnought> XD

<AscendantJustice> Well, at least I wouldn't be an op abuser... like some people...

<Dreadnought> ...

<Gaijinsamurai> Well maybe, if you respected authoritah, I wouldn't have to kick you every five seconds.

<Gaijinsamurai> Now, how 'bout you go back to your movie.

<AscendantJustice> I do respect authority.

<AscendantJustice> xD

<Dreadnought> o_O

<Snore66> ...

<Gaijinsamurai> Apparently not.

<Dreadnought> XD

<AscendantJustice> Judge a man by how he treats his inferiors, not how he treats his equals.

<Gaijinsamurai> So, end of discusshuns.

<AscendantJustice> meh

  • AscendantJustice continues watching Ginger Snaps

<Dreadnought> ...

<Gaijinsamurai> Well this isn't morality class, it's the internet.

<Dreadnought> True enough

  • Cruiser is watching Ginger Snaps Back

<AscendantJustice> Ginger Snaps Back was weird.

<Dreadnought> Its about...werewolves O_O


<Dreadnought> "Them bums should be forced to use amtrak and greyhound to get around. Oh well, we didnt need so many parks and to keep inmates behind bars anyway. Our elected officials come first."

<Gaijinsamurai> Lulz, we should purchase a fleet of old ass Peel P50's for their personal transport.

<Dreadnought> XD

<AscendantJustice> tongue

<AscendantJustice> Our elected officials come first = Gaijinsamurai

<AscendantJustice> XD

<Gaijinsamurai> Indeed.

<Dreadnought> :/

<Gaijinsamurai> Our elected officials deserve the best Peel P50's around.

  • AscendantJustice goes on the Greyhound and gets his head cut off

<Snore66> ...

<AscendantJustice> D:

<Snore66> XD


  • <Gaijinsamurai> Ass kissing would be nice if I was a girl, but being a's just weird.
  • <general57> ...
  • <AscendantJustice> XD
  • <thecairocat> ...
  • <Gaijinsamurai> (Austin Powers voice) I thank you.
  • <general57> as a girl myself...
  • <thecairocat> tongue
  • <AscendantJustice> general57: he's only joking, he has a terrifying sense of humor
  • <general57> i find that...kinda disturbing
  • <thecairocat> What?
  • <AscendantJustice> That's CommanderTony for you.
  • <general57> ...
  • <AscendantJustice> >>>
  • <general57> >_<
  • <AscendantJustice> Yeah, CAPITAL "..."s
  • <AscendantJustice> >>>
  • <Gaijinsamurai> Well, I have to go Grocery Shopping to make what I just said go away.
  • <thecairocat> What you said?
  • <AscendantJustice> What?
  • <general57> XD
  • <Gaijinsamurai> How many guys do you know have to go grocery shopping?
  • <Gaijinsamurai> On a weekly basis?
  • <general57> 3 times
  • <thecairocat> Well, um...
  • <thecairocat> bai
  • <Gaijinsamurai> Damnit, General, what you said doesn't count wink.
  • <AscendantJustice> Bye Tony.
  • <general57> XD
  • <Gaijinsamurai> Oh well, I guess I live in the 50's.
  • <Gaijinsamurai> When families were nice to be with.
  • <AscendantJustice> Are you buying pizza stuff?
  • <Gaijinsamurai> And family/moral values were always in play.
    • thecairocat gets a SPNKr
  • <Gaijinsamurai> The good ol' days.
    • AscendantJustice assassinates thecairocat.
        • Spartansniper450 [n=48e0ef0d@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has joined #halopedia
  • <general57> Rawr

<thecairocat> HEY WTF AJ?

  • <Spartansniper450> rar
    • AscendantJustice deletes all the spawn points until there is only 1.
    • general57 splatters AJ
  • <thecairocat> oh not this again
    • AscendantJustice spawn kills thecairocat over and over again.
  • <Dinokan> {Smoke}: Delete:
  • <general57> o_O
  • <{Smoke}> Aye aye, sir!
  • <thecairocat> I just want to ARGH! 1...2...3... That I have to ARGH! 1...2...3... and that you are an ARGH! 1...2...3...
    • general57 snipes AJ
  • <thecairocat> YAYZ IM FREE
  • <general57> again and agin...
    • AscendantJustice is sitting on an overshield spawn, actually.
    • thecairocat haz impenetrable bubbleshield
  • <general57> ARGH!
  • <AscendantJustice> the runtime minimum is the same as the runtime maximum
  • <AscendantJustice> so HA!
  • <thecairocat> oh nubsauce
    • general57 turns into a ghost
  • <AscendantJustice> ...
  • <thecairocat> OMG CHURCH!
        • general57 is now known as Ghost
  • <AscendantJustice> ermm
  • <Ghost> hah! now i cannot be killed
  • <AscendantJustice> ...
  • <Ghost> and i can throw unlimited plasma grenades
        • Ghost is now known as Guest99534
    • AscendantJustice shoots Guest99534 with a Plasma rifle
        • Guest99534 is now known as Dreadnought
  • <AscendantJustice> !!!!!!!!!!
    • thecairocat penetrates his bubble shield
    • Dreadnought flies away and fires the lazzar

Your Mom

  • <thecairocat> your mom uses recon shoulders!
  • <general57> ...
  • <Spartansniper450> ODST helmet, Recon Shoulders, Katana Chest
  • <general57> nice combo
  • <Spartansniper450> thecairocat: my mom dun play Halo!
  • <general57> XD
  • <thecairocat> That's not what she said on LIVE last night

Drunk Tactics

  • <MidnightRambler> Ajax_013: Any tips to sneak Alcohol into my drink?
  • <Dreadnought> ?
  • <Ajax_013> bet 18
  • <Ajax_013> *be
  • <Ajax_013> thats a good tactic


  • <General57> But we have UNFINISHED business
  • <JEA13> I got into an MSN fight with a buddy and im sad
  • <JEA13> LOL
    • General57 hefts Sniper Rifle
  • <JEA13> hehe
  • <JEA13> do you challenge me?
    • General57 shoots JEA and climbs into Scorpian
  • <General57> Doh
  • <General57> pwned
    • JEA13 respawns beside Splazer and you know whats next
  • <JEA13> :D
    • General57 climbs out as JEA is charging
    • General57 shoots him with SR because there isn't a recharge time
    • JEA13 respawns beside the abandoned talk
  • <General57> ...
    • JEA13 heads for my corpse with the splazer
    • General57 shoots JEA while he is charging
  • <JEA13> I did not pick up the Splazer, I went over to its position with the talk >_<
  • <JEA13> tank*
  • <General57> meh
    • JEA13 waits for General to make the next move
    • General57 watched JEA get in the tank and boards the tank's machine gun
  • <General57> you cant kill me!!
    • General57 feels smart
    • JEA13 climbs out of the tank and boards the turret
    • JEA13 feels bad for General
  • <JEA13> XD
  • <General57> ...
    • General57 climbs out
    • General57 stickies JEA
  • <JEA13> :( you cant haz two turns
  • <JEA13> i was preparing an awesome one XD
  • <General57> XD
  • <General57> do ur awesome onw
  • <General57> *one
  • <General57> NOW
    • JEA13 throws a random grenade in the air, which explodes near a fusion coil, which also makes a mongoose slide uncontroled and do you know where it ends up???
  • <JEA13> at the beach!
  • <JEA13> XD
  • <General57> ...
    • General57 respawns next to JEA with a GH and grins evilly and smashes him
  • <General57> Youz iz DEAD
    • JEA13 misses my childhood when his momma was next to him
  • <JEA13> lol
  • <General57> ...
    • JEA13 rushes to General with an energy sword and active camo >_<
    • General57 smashes JEA's momma
  • <General57> and runs AWAY...
    • JEA13 gets on the mongoose mentioned before, outnumbers General on speed, gets off and finishes her off with the energy sword
  • <JEA13> ha
  • <JEA13> .
  • <JEA13> !
  • <General57> ur momma is dead =D
    • JEA13 :(
    • General57 respawns with Rocket Launcher and shoots at JEA
    • JEA13 calls in Subtank!!!!
  • <General57> D:
  • <General57> wait...what?
  • <JEA13> what?
  • <General57> nvrmind...
    • General57 reaims RL
    • General57 aims and fires
    • JEA13 respawns
    • Dreadnought fires RL at respawn place
  • <Dreadnought> wait...take that back
    • Dreadnought fires lazza at JEA >:)
  • <JEA13> noooooooo
  • <JEA13> you cant haz laza
  • <Dreadnought> me iz Dreadnought
  • <JEA13> then me is Prophet of Truth and you shall do whatever i say because you are my ship!!!
  • <Dreadnought> U are not PoTk, because u r a person and pot is a prphet
  • <Dreadnought> ...
  • <JEA13> well are u sur i am a person???
  • <JEA13> XD
  • <JEA13> jk
  • <JEA13> .
  • <Dreadnought> did you notice truth's initials spell pot?
  • <Dreadnought> ;D
  • <JEA13> ya XD
    • Dreadnought fires lazza at pot (it very smelly)
    • JEA13 commands Brute fleet to obliterate General
  • <JEA13> ha
  • <Dreadnought> me is indestructible
  • <JEA13> :(
    • Dreadnought fires lazza at smelly gorillas
  • <Dreadnought> =)
    • JEA13 iss done playing with noobs who can only win wordfights
  • <JEA13> heehe
  • <Dreadnought> XD
  • <Dreadnought> DX


    • Kouger closes the curtains.
  • <General5_7> O_O
  • <Kouger> I would rather not watch this.
    • Syd_Barrett goes off hunting for more people
  • <JEA13> Kouger: I don't want to know what do you do behind the curtains.
  • <General5_7> XD
  • <ElectricSquid> XD
  • <Kouger> I'm hiding from Syd_Barrett, you sick minded freak.
  • <Spartansniper450> lol JEA
  • <JEA13> hehe
  • <the_last_laugh> something tells me it involves probing and vaseline
  • <General5_7> XD
  • <JEA13> HAHAHAHAHA!!!!
  • <ElectricSquid> o_o
  • <Spartansniper450> O_O

Curtains #2

    • Kouger|Troy_DC invites a hot female friend under the table with him to watch Troy.
  • <JEA13> I gotta go, it's past midnight here in Greece.
  • <General5_7> O_O
    • Kouger|Troy_DC closes the curtains, and turns the volume up.
  • <General5_7> Byez, zombie friend
  • <NatLPG> Hah, "watch".
  • <JEA13> Don't lose Kouger from your eyes
  • <JEA13> He's crazy
  • <JEA13> X
  • <JEA13> D
  • <NatLPG> Bye, Jea13
    • General5_7 watches Kougz
  • <JEA13> bb
    • Delta-269 shines a spotlight on the curtains
  • <JEA13> Kouger, quiet.
  • <General5_7> XD
  • <JEA13> ;D
  • <JEA13> Damn I have to go.
  • <JEA13> bye
        • JEA13 [] has quit ["ChatZilla 0.9.85 [Firefox 3.5.2/20090729225027]"]
    • General5_7 hears mature-rated sounds coming out of the curtain
  • <Kouger|Troy_DC> Then... LEAVE.
  • <Kouger|Troy_DC> lol
    • NatLPG peers behind the curtain
    • General5_7 hears someone yell, "MORE VASELINE"
  • <General5_7> XD
  • <NatLPG> :-DD
    • Kouger|Troy_DC and his friend are sitting beside each other watching Troy, perfectly innocently.
  • <Kouger|Troy_DC> Pervs
  • <General5_7> XD
    • NatLPG is pretty sure he did laughing.
  • <NatLPG> *died
  • <Kouger|Troy_DC> lololololol
    • NatLPG flicks popcorn at Kouger.
    • Kouger|Troy_DC eats it
  • <Kouger|Troy_DC> OM NOM NOM NOM
    • General5_7 slips a 50 ounce bottle of vaseline through the curtain
  • <Kouger|Troy_DC> srsly, going back to watch movie nao
  • <Kouger|Troy_DC> baiiiiii
  • <General5_7> bbbaaii!
  • <NatLPG> Noo.
    • NatLPG pokes Kouger|Troy_DC
    • General5_7 backs away from Koug
  • <General5_7> this is being quoted =D
  • <E-Squid|Techno> lol

JEA is Phail

  • <MiddyRambler> KirbyLink.png Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
  • <JEA13> Is that a... Pokemon-like pig with a crystal dagger?
  • <JEA13> O.O
  • <MiddyRambler> O_O
  • <MiddyRambler> You don't know who Kirby is? :O
  • <Nicmavr> =3
  • <MiddyRambler> Kirby is so cute. :3
  • <JEA13> Who is he? O.O
  • <MiddyRambler> :O
  • <MiddyRambler> GTFO
  • <MiddyRambler> :P
  • <JEA13> Lol
  • <JEA13> I don't know!
  • <MiddyRambler> D:
  • <General5_7> Back
  • <JEA13> I will Google it
  • <MiddyRambler> How can you grow up, not knowing Kirby?
  • <General5_7> JEA doesn't know Kirby?!
  • <MiddyRambler> Yeah!
  • <General5_7> OMG!
  • <JEA13> Oh well
  • <General5_7> How can he not know that little pink ball of joyness?!
  • <JEA13> Well
  • <JEA13> I never played a Nintendo
  • <JEA13> O.O
  • <MiddyRambler> He is like Jesus, only more adorable and believeable.
  • <MiddyRambler> WHAT?!
  • <General5_7> XD
  • <JEA13> I had been playing Halo since 7 srsly.
  • <General5_7> :0
  • <JEA13> Never had the time for a Nintendo.
  • <MiddyRambler> I have been playing Halo since I was 8.
  • <JEA13> That's why I don't like Mario and Pokemon as well.
  • <MiddyRambler> And a Nintendo since I was 4. >_>
  • <General5_7> YOU...YOU...
  • <JEA13> lulz
    • MiddyRambler completed Zelda OoT at 6. :DD
  • <General5_7> O_O
  • <JEA13> lulz
  • <General5_7> I willz quote thiz!


  • <Glaug-Eldare> haha this reminds me of the way we talk about women when there are none around
  • <JEA13> xD
  • <MidnightRambler> Legs are /the/ sexiest part on a women/
  • <ONIrecon111> xD
  • <ONIrecon111> not really
  • <JEA13> after the Breasts
  • <MidnightRambler> ya rly ONIrecon111.
  • <Frunner> I disagre
  • <Zaku_> what?
  • <MidnightRambler> JEA13: :|
  • <ONIrecon111> considering you don't have sex with legs...
  • <Frunner> I concur with JEA
  • <Glaug-Eldare> gotta have a decent face, though
  • <MidnightRambler> ONIrecon111: Don't have sex with bewbs either.
  • <JEA13> I have some personal experience on the matter :P
  • <Glaug-Eldare> without that, anything else is a waste
  • <Glaug-Eldare> MidnightRambler: actually...
  • <JEA13> jk.
  • <ONIrecon111> Joshie: you can :P
  • <MidnightRambler> Then you can with legs. ;)
  • <ONIrecon111> no...
  • <Glaug-Eldare> wow, never saw that one before though
  • <Glaug-Eldare> suppose it could be done
  • <MidnightRambler> :P
  • <JEA13> kinda lost you guys with all these body parts
  • <ONIrecon111> lulz
  • <Glaug-Eldare> gettin a little inappropriate tho
  • <JEA13> yeah

So Many Spartans...

        • Bono_the_grainie is now known as SPARTAN985
  • <General5_7> xD
  • <SPARTAN-982> fail
        • SPARTAN985 is now known as SPARTAN-985
  • <SPARTAN-982> :D
  • <SPARTAN-982> bai bai
        • SPARTAN-984 is now known as SPARTAN-948
        • SPARTAN-948 is now known as SPARTAN-984
  • <SPARTAN-982> >:|
        • SPARTAN-982 is now known as Kouger
  • <General5_7> XD
  • <Flood12345> ...
  • <Kouger> llololol
  • <Kouger> ohai
  • <SPARTAN-983> anyone wanna be 981, 982, 986, 987, 988 or 989?
  • <ashley> lolnickspam
        • General5_7 is now known as SPARTAN-981
        • Kouger is now known as SPARTAN-982
  • <SPARTAN-981> Mez
  • <SPARTAN-984> wow
  • <SPARTAN-984> there's more spartans here than a Slayer match
  • <SPARTAN-981> I knowz
  • <SPARTAN-982> lol
  • <SPARTAN-981> xD
  • <Flood12345> No.
  • <SPARTAN-983> lol
  • <ashley> THIS
  • <ashley> IS
  • <SPARTAN-983> XD
  • <SPARTAN-981> xD
  • <SPARTAN-982> XD
  • <SPARTAN-982> wowwww
  • <ashley> see? ;)
  • <SPARTAN-982> triple XD

Part 2: Too many Generals...

        • Frogpeck is now known as General9_2
        • SPARTAN-986 is now known as SPARTAN-984
        • SPARTAN-984 is now known as SPARTAN-986
  • <SPARTAN-986> :D
        • Glaug-Eldare is now known as Glag-Eldare
  • <General9_2> lol
  • <Glug-Eldare> i dare you to do that again
  • <Flood12345> :I
        • SPARTAN-986 is now known as ONIrecon111
        • Blabby is now known as Glaug-Eldere
  • <ONIrecon111> Glug: not that stupid
  • <F1ood12345> flood12345: HI!
  • <Glug-Eldare> feh
        • General9_2 is now known as Glogg_Eldare
  • <Flood12345> Tht's not funny!
    • SPARTAN-981 kills General9_2
  • <Glag-Eldare> i feel so important :)
        • Glug-Eldare is now known as General5_6
  • <SPARTAN-981>
        • Glaug-Eldere is now known as General5_5
  • <General5_6> XD
    • SPARTAN-981 kills General5_6
        • Glogg_Eldare is now known as General6_9
    • General5_6 dodges
  • <ONIrecon111> i'm just really confused now >_<
  • <General6_9> ;)
        • General5_6 is now known as General5_4
  • <General5_5> bow chicka bow wow
    • SPARTAN-981 screams insanely
  • <General5_4> hey chicka bum bum
        • General6_9 is now known as General9_3
    • Delta-269 is now known as STFU
  • <General5_4> wow, sexual and rvb reference
  • <SPARTAN-981> XD
        • General5_4 is now known as STFU-984
  • <General5_5> :o
  • <STFU-984> wow, this one makes sense
  • <Flood12345> god...
        • STFU-984 is now known as General7_5
        • Glag-Eldare is now known as Glaug-Eldare
  • <SPARTAN-981> ...
        • General9_3 is now known as Kouger
  • <Glaug-Eldare> ok i'm done
  • <Kouger> Well, that was fun.
    • Delta-269 is now known as I wonder if people realize this is a /me not a /nick XD
  • <SPARTAN-981> Must...screenie...
  • <Nicmavr> wtf
        • General7_5 is now known as SPARTAN-707
  • <Nicmavr> Too many generals 'round here...
  • <SPARTAN-981> xD
  • <SPARTAN-707> :d
    • Kouger is now known as AllOfYouShutTheFvckUpNow
  • <Nicmavr> Where's Delta?
  • <SPARTAN-707> Kouger: Do you have ops yet?
  • <Delta-269> ok, everyone back to your normal nicks
  • <SPARTAN-981> xD
        • Kouger is now known as Admiral5_7
  • <SPARTAN-707> okay
  • <SPARTAN-707> Kouger: ooh
  • <SPARTAN-707> with that one you beat all of us

Comeback King

  • <Ghost_sangheili> "go fuck yourself" "If I could I'd never leave the house"
  • <General57> ...
  • <Lord_Grievous> lulz
  • <Ghost_sangheili> "You Suck" "You swallow"
  • <General57> >_<
  • <Ghost_sangheili> I am the comeback king of generic insults
    • Lord_Grievous writes these down
  • <General57> The perverted king
  • <{Smoke}> Hah
  • <Lord_Grievous> They'll come in handy. :D
  • <Ghost_sangheili> and if someone says "You are a _____"
  • <Ghost_sangheili> just say
  • <Ghost_sangheili> yes you are


  • <Ghost_sangheili> "Fuck you" "How hard"


  • <General57> i watched new moon yesterday
  • <Snipes450> General57: i am disappointed in you
    • Ghost_sangheili is disappointed in General57
  • <General57> i am a GIRL
  • <Snipes450> thats another thing ull find, the majority of people on this channel despise the Twilight series with a deep *passion
  • <Zongwenxukai> Mmhmm
  • <General57> Actually, i just wanted to see taylor lautner
  • <Snipes450> ur point?
  • <General57> the movie sucked
  • <Zongwenxukai> and so i must go
  • <General57> and so did the series
  • <Ghost_sangheili> you just wanna see attractive men?
  • <General57> the only parts i liked is where bella is in deep pain
  • <Ghost_sangheili> there are less self-dstroying way to do so
  • <General57> GS: Yah
  • <Ghost_sangheili> like looking at my facebook for example
  • <General57> ...
  • <Ghost_sangheili> I KNO RITE IZ FUNNEH :D

Pokemon Battle

    • General57 throws the drink on Skwis
  • <Snipes450> Ascension: that sounds like Man Law
  • <Skwis> it's not very effective
    • Skwis uses quick attack
  • <{Smoke}> lolwut
  • <General57> No pokemon battles!
    • General57 uses Magma Storm
    • Snipes450 uses Flamethrower on General57
    • Skwis uses magma storm+
  • <Golf_sierra> Skwis: .
    • General57 uses Earthquick
    • Snipes450 uses HYPER BEAM!!!!!
  • <General57> *Earthquake
    • Skwis uses earthquake all the time accidentally. it's called farting
  • <Skwis> and since girls don't fart, your attack failed
    • Snipes450 is a flying type and is therefore unaffected by earthquake/farting
    • <{Smoke}> O_o
    • Skwis uses dishugelaser
  • <General57> XD
    • Gaikokujin unleashes the power of idiocy, causing everyone in #halopedia to be complete idiots.
    • Skwis is not affected
    • General57 is not affected
    • {Smoke} is unaffected
    • Snipes450 uses his brain powah to reverse idiocy
  • <General57> XD
  • <Skwis> those who are not affected are not affected cause they're idiots! now that's a subtle trolling
  • <Snipes450> true
    • General57 uses the phail beam
  • <{Smoke}> lulz
  • <Snipes450> well done Ascension
    • Skwis uses subtlety
    • General57 uses Attract
  • <General57> :D
    • Snipes450 removes Skwis' subtlety-ness
  • <Gaikokujin> Attracted to you? Eww.
  • <General57> lulz
  • <Skwis> OMFG A GIRL
    • Skwis starts raping the bus again
  • <General57> ...
  • <General57> Poor bus
  • <Skwis> sorry general, nobody can get between me and my precious bus
    • General57 uses Bounce
    • Snipes450 uses FLY
    • Golf_sierra uses PWN
    • Skwis uses PENIS
  • <General57> ...
    • General57 uses DIVE
  • <{Smoke}> THE GAME
    • Gaikokujin charges his laser.
    • Snipes450 is unafffected by Skwis 's attack
    • Skwis just lost the game
    • Skwis uses harden
    • General57 is unaffected
  • <General57> XD
    • Snipes450 uses CUT
    • General57 uses rock climb
    • General57 uses explosion
  • <Skwis> General, if you were a guy those last two would have been very wrong
  • <General57> XD
    • Snipes450 is a flying type and is therfore unaffected
  • <Snipes450> lol
    • Skwis uses toxic fumes
  • <Snipes450> Skwis: since u r a guy those ones are wrong
    • Skwis uses harden
    • Skwis uses explosion
  • <General57> XD
    • General57 uses screech
    • Skwis wonders if he caused the screech
    • General57 uses selfdestruct



  • General5_7> vaginasaurus?? what the hell?
  • <teh_sonasaurus> yeah, what the fuck's a vaginasaurus?
  • <Stephen-> its a dinosaur with a pussy for a head
  • <teh_sonasaurus> LO: you have sick imagination >.<
  • <[Smoke]> wat
  • <General5_7> Im scared
  • <LO|away> Hey
  • <teh_sonasaurus> I didn't think LO would be the type to make something up like that
  • <Stephen-> fetch me my photoshop... i shall show you a vaginasaurus
  • |<-- TrooperCooper has left freenode (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
  • <teh_sonasaurus> nice
  • <LO|away> GS did
  • <General5_7> >_<
  • <teh_sonasaurus> oh
  • <teh_sonasaurus> that explains it
  • <General5_7> lol
  • <Ghost_sangheili> oh teh noez

GS: Gay or what?

  • Bad_men rapes teh_sonasaurus
  • <General5_7> uh...
  • <Bad_men> teh_sonasaurus: no it doesnt r u retarded
  • =-= Bad_men is now known as Ghost_sangheili
  • <teh_sonasaurus> General5_7: yeah, we call them "Irk Shenanigans" on Halo Fanon
  • <General5_7> GS, are you gay?
  • <General5_7> or bisexual?
  • <teh_sonasaurus> yes, he is
  • <teh_sonasaurus> he keeps asking for tits from me
  • <General5_7> o_O
  • =-= S-A399 is now known as Flood12345
  • <teh_sonasaurus> emphasis on the ME
  • [Smoke]> lol
  • <teh_sonasaurus> yeah, [Smoke]'s had some lulz from it
  • <General5_7> lolwtf
  • <teh_sonasaurus> in fact, here's the whole log
  • <teh_sonasaurus> (I'm Aeolus)
  • <Ghost_sangheili> General5_7: I'm completely straight, I'm just being a troll XD
  • <General5_7> you gay bastard you :P
  • <teh_sonasaurus> me?
  • <Ghost_sangheili> General5_7: I have a girlfriend, been with her for 11 months, and we've done inappropriate things in the shower ;)
  • <General5_7> TMI!
  • <Flood12345> ...
  • <[Smoke]> lawl
  • <Ghost_sangheili> General5_7: thats not tmi, just imagine if I went into detail
  • <Ghost_sangheili> About the noises she made, the things she said, the water running down our bodies
  • <General5_7> IVE HEARD ENOUGH
  • <Ghost_sangheili> good times, good times
  • <teh_sonasaurus> lol
  • teh_sonasaurus> General5_7: did you read the log?
  • <General5_7> yeah
  • |<-- blendmaster1024 has left freenode (Quit: Leaving)
  • <teh_sonasaurus> rather gay, doncha suppose?
  • <General5_7> i think i need to clean my eyes
  • <teh_sonasaurus> lol
    • teh_sonasaurus gives General5_7 some visine
  • <[Smoke]> xD
  • <General5_7> i need a moment
  • <General5_7> This calls for intense cleaning
    • teh_sonasaurus gets the hydrochloric acid
  • <Halopediaman> Need to use the chemical emergancy eye wash fountain?
  • [WARNING] Extra parameters “Eyes” ignored.
  • =-= YOU are now known as G57|Cleaning
  • <Ghost_sangheili> goddamn people its just sex
    • teh_sonasaurus gets the lemon juice too
  • <Ghost_sangheili> is it THAT hard to discuss
    • teh_sonasaurus grabs a bottle of vinegar for good measure
  • <LO|away> Penis goes in vagina
  • <LO|away> Thrust thrust thrust
  • <teh_sonasaurus> >.<
  • <LO|away> Ejaculation
  • <teh_sonasaurus> hey, General5_7, I'll join you
  • <[Smoke]> lol

Killjax + Subs...?

  • <Kouger> Personally, I've never understood what's so great about Halo Fanon.
  • <Killjax> People are fun loving and friendly....... friendly my arse.
  • <Fluffy83> friendly with your arse? they're gay?
  • <General5_7> XD
  • <Snipes450> lol Fluffy83
  • <Kouger> Fluffy!!!
  • <Killjax> You can say that.
  • <General5_7> So Subs...
  • <General5_7> O_O
  • <Killjax> Miss Subbles is fine.
  • <Kouger> Umm...
  • <Snipes450> uhh
  • <Kouger> notrly
  • <Killjax> That came out wrong.
  • <General5_7> XD
  • <Killjax> SHE'S OK.
  • <Kouger> Mighty fine, aint she?
  • <General5_7> That is going to quoted
  • General5_7> :)
  • <Snipes450> General5_7: ya
  • <General5_7> SoH has something with Subs, huh?
  • <Killjax> Very fine... and Cool. DUN JUDGE ME.
  • <Fluffy83> AIN'T THAT CUTE
  • <Kouger> Oh dear.
  • <The_rogue_smiler> subs is too old for you but too young for me