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Landing on the Ark. Any trailer for a new game.

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Johnson's death by Spark.

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Nope. Still working on that. But I'm a little too busy to try and worry about it right now.


Sure thing. I may upload an image of how it looks so you can get an idea of how I extracted the pics.


Yeah sure. When I get a chance I'll upload a new version of those existing images since they still have that blue background. Have you tried extracting the images yourself?


Sure, I might just do that. I'd like to know that myself.


Yes sir. Go here to learn how. Basically I opened up the source code for the website and extracted the images from there (since I couldn't "right click" to obtain them).


Actually, I have. Don't see any way I can get those images off of there though. No idea how the others were able to do it. But at least we have more information for the Halo 4 article.


Maybe. By the way, it's "threat". Not to nitpick, but make sure to check your spelling before sending. :-)


But then again, perhaps it is just what you said, or it could easily be a combination thereof.


Perhaps. But it doesn't really matter compared to what humanity did to him. Humanity killed scores of his children, his fellow Promethean Warrior-Servants, and humanity destroyed scores of his war sphinxes which contained the essences of his children. He may have tolerated them, but eventually his ages-old grief and probable hatred will drive him to attempt to destroy humanity. Not that I'm rooting for him, of course.


If you'd read Halo: Cryptum, I think you would understand. He fought against them centuries ago. Humanity had a vast interstellar empire. That empire nearly crumbled after the Flood consumed many of humanity's worlds, so humanity decided to challenge the Forerunners to gain more worlds to replace the worlds they'd lost to the Flood. Read the books. Halo: Cryptum and Halo: Primordium. Things will be made clearer to you then.