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This is where I put some of my funniest IRC moments. I am commonly refered to as Spartan-A599 on the IRC.

The list of users taking part in the discussions below:

  • Spartan-A599=Me
  • [Alpha]=Smoke.
  • [Lambda]=Halo-343
  • CF001=Chief frank 001
  • Ducktank=Jaws Redfield
  • Nicmavr=Nicmavr
  • Spartan-A499=Ultra Force.

Game: Lost the game

<[Alpha]> the game

Nicmavr [Alpha] the game

<Nicmavr> GAH

<[Alpha]> lolololololololololol

Nicmavr lost the game DAM U SMOKE

[Alpha] Nicmavr

<Spartan-A599> [Alpha] and Nicmavr: Lost the game.

<[Alpha]> Fail.

Spartan-A599 Fails [Alpha].

<Spartan-A599> Going to be a reply?

<[Alpha]> D:<

[Alpha] lost the game.

<Nicmavr> [Alpha] lawl u got pwnt

<[Alpha]> lol u lost teh gaem

<Nicmavr> dam u

<Nicmavr> D:<

Nicmavr loses the game and afks for the night.

=-= S-118|HL2 is now known as S-118

<Nicmavr> ciao

<[Lambda]> Hmm

<Spartan-A499> "Hmm"?

<Spartan-A599> U lost teh game. :D

<Spartan-A499> D=

Reach retcon or spoiler kinda stuff

[09:24] <CF001> we forget to say that Reach has fall yesturday

[09:25] <Ducktank> Spoiler: UNSC lose at reach

[09:26] <Spartan-A599> Not a Spoiler to those who read Halo: The Fall of Reach.

[09:26] <Spartan-A599> ;)

[09:27] <Ducktank> That's the joke

[09:27] <Spartan-A599> New longest page: List of Characters in Red vs. Blue


[09:28] <Ducktank> Spoiler: Master Chief wasn't on Reach

[09:29] <CF001> he was in orbit around XD

[09:29] <Spartan-A599> Watch out Halopedia, I have seen a BIG retcon coming our way.

[09:30] <Spartan-A599> Much bigger than any of you have ever seen.

[09:30] <Ducktank> Spoiler: UNSC WIN AT REACH

[09:30] <Ducktank> I MUST UPHOLD THE POLICY

[09:31] =-= Mode #halopedia +o Ducktank by ChanServ

[09:31] =-= Ducktank was booted from #halopedia by Ducktank (NO SPOILERS)

[09:31] -->| Ducktank (~DreamFloy@unaffiliated/syd-barrett/x-5726760) has joined #halopedia

[09:31] <Ducktank> op abuse

[09:31] <Spartan-A599> Because the Covenant lost the human-Covenant war

[09:33] <CF001> im sure there wont be a big retcon perhaps a small but not a big