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Hello, im C Funk99. Halo to me is an amazing francise. Ive been playing those ever since the first game came out back in '01.

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Master Chief blowing up stuff.

Arbiter killing truth. Johnson beast quotes. :) TEABAGING TH@SE N003Z IN MUILTIPLAYER!!!11 :D (and pissing them off) That Halo 3 party I had with buds..... sick!

Worst Halo moment

Johnson said "In Halo 4 I get a woman!" :D .....but he died in Halo 3! :( *sniff I <3 YOU JOHNSON! (I RALLY WANT A JOHNSON CODE FOR ODST!)

Anything else

C Funk99.... legendary Halo player who owns all friends at Halo.... except his "rival" (but good friend) Nick.

Games I never played (or owned): Halo Wars, Halo 2 Vista

Fun Fact: to be ready for Halo 4 (before it came out, back summer '12), Ive played the all the games (except Halo Wars, which I never owned or played sadly) in chronological order, from Halo Reach, all the way to Halo 3, on Heroric.... yeah, it was awesome.

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