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5923 Empty Reflex
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5923 Empty Reflex


Installation 0.5

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advanced to level Apprentice
advanced to level Apprentice
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Hello, My name is 5923 Empty Reflex. I am a Science Monitor placed as Keeper of Installation 0.5, also known as The Lesser Ark, To this day, 6 Halo Installations and The Lesser Ark are still intact, ready to fire on demand. The Greater Ark and Installation 04 have been destroyed, and the remaining installations are poised to fire at the order of the Reclaimers. But, Having recently sent electrical symbols through a Time Hole in the Orion's Arm, I have discovered this "Internet" and This "Website". But, I wonder, how could Humans of the past know of events of the DISTANT past and of the future? Interesting. I will have to do some investigation. In the meantime, I will partake in what humans call "Mingling"

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