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Tom French was the Multiplayer Director and former senior Mission Designer and the User-Generated Content Director at 343 Industries.[1] He joined Microsoft Studios in 2010, becoming a part of 343 Industries in 2011; prior to this, he worked at Interplay Entertainment, Black Isle Studios, and Pandemic Studios, having been lead designer on the game The Saboteur.[2] At 343 Industries, he has worked as a mission designer on Halo 4[3] and as the head of Halo 5: Guardians' Forge team as UGC director.[4] He has also helped to develop Halo 5: Forge[5] and Halo Infinite's Forge mode. On December 02, 2022, French announced he would step down 343 Industries after more than 11 years working on Halo.[6]


French has a pet pig named Olive, which was the inspiration for the "Olive the Space Pig" forge piece and the OLIVE-class Mjolnir helmet.


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