Terminal (Halo 4)/Two

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The first Terminal in Halo 4 campaign level Requiem.
The terminal under the staircase leading to the lift at the terminus.

Campaign level: Requiem
After entering the terminus tower, one will enter a room where the structures hanging from the ceiling will retract into the walls on the side. At the far end of the room is a staircase that leads to the elevator which is the objective. The terminal is located under the staircase.

Invaders ravage Forerunner territory and must be dealt with.

A ship coasts through space, approaching a fleet of human ships. A small craft scans the ship, which shows signs of Flood infection, and leaves. The main ship of the fleet charges its main gun and fires on the enemy ship, destroying it. Fade to the Ecumene Council chambers. The ship being destroyed is shown in holographic form.

  • Librarian: "Our enemies move deeper into our territory with abandon. They must be eradicated."
  • Didact: "Shall we take revenge? Abandon the Mantle and all that its philosophy has given us these thousand generations?"
  • Librarian: "All our plans have been torn asunder."
  • Didact: "More reason not to abandon our beliefs. The Mantle is our guide-post in times such as these. We must not falter in following its teachings."

The audience in the chamber cheer and applaud.

  • Didact: "The enemy must be sent home, and taught to stand with the galaxy, rather than rail against us, and take what they desire! The Mantle shelters all."

The audience cheer and applaud louder.

  • Faber: "Didact, you make a fair - if uncomfortable - point. You have my support. Librarian, will you likewise follow the Mantle as the Didact suggests?"

Fade to the Didact and Librarian stand on a ledge overlooking the Capital.

  • Didact: "You're not angry at me?"
  • Librarian: "We had this discussion a century ago."
  • Didact: "Ah, so you are angry at me."
  • Librarian: "In the chambers, yes. But not now. You'll depart for Requiem soon?"
  • Librarian: "Already there? You knew the Master Builder would side with you."

The two embrace.

  • Didact: "Should we step back inside the Council chamber?"
  • Librarian: "No. I would rather we spend our night out here. There will be fighting enough in the days ahead."