Terminal (Halo 4)/Six

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The fifth Terminal in Halo 4 campaign level Shutdown.
The terminal on a platform, with the objective gravity lift in the background.

Campaign level: Shutdown
In the third spire, get to the central platform with multiple light bridges. Cross the light bridge to the left of the bridge you would normally cross to reach your objective. This leads to a platform guarded by Jackals. The terminal is located behind the platform's central column.

Forerunner Prometheans make the ultimate sacrifice to save the galaxy.

In a chamber with a holographic map of the Milky Way galaxy, red centers representing systems overtaken by the Flood.

  • Faber: "The Flood cover more of our galaxy with each passing day. They feast on the essence of life itself. The only way to stop their advance is to remove that life upon which they feast."

A simulation of firing the Halos is run and the red systems fade out.

  • Librarian: "My Lifeworkers have made plans for the reseeding of humanity, and of all life after the Halos are fired."
  • Faber: "So you agree that Halos are our only solution."
  • Librarian: "I do."
  • Faber: "And your husband?"
  • Librarian: "My husband has a different opinion on what steps to take against the Flood."

Shot of Requiem. In a Forerunner structure, the Didact falls to his knees, in anticipation. He has performed experiments on himself that have given him a much more sinister appearance

  • Didact: "Did it work? Run the simulation."

A holograph of Didact appears. A simulation of Flood infection is run and the form does not pass, turning red.

  • Didact: "The procedure is a failure. I am still susceptible to Flood infection."

An armoured Promethean Warrior floats forward.

  • Didact: "It will not work on my new form."
  • Promethean Warrior: "Then you will lead us, as always."
  • Didact: "You would submit to such sacrifice?"
  • Promethean Warrior: "Didact, if the Composer is our final hope to defeat the Flood, no Promethean would resist."

On the surface of Requiem.

  • Didact: "I have led you, my Prometheans, for thousands of years, and I shall continue to lead you."

The Prometheans, now digitized and changed into mechanized Knights, appear and surround him.

  • Didact: "Rise! Rise and protect the Forerunners! Rise and protect the galaxy!"

Camera pans back to reveal legions of Knights on Requiem.