Terminal (Halo 2: Anniversary)/Twelve

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Covenant Record: The Great Schism
The twelfth Terminal in Halo 2: Anniversary campaign level High Charity.
The terminal is a Covenant terminal to the left of the door after entering the Inner Sanctum.

Campaign level: High Charity
The terminal is a Covenant terminal to the left of the door after entering the Inner Sanctum.

But this Arbiter is different...

Fade in on the Mausoleum of the Arbiter, where the Scribe is standing.

  • Scribe: "The history of the Arbiter is one of both legend and infamy. Their name has been corrupted by great shame."

Fade to a closeup of Thel 'Vadamee as he puts on his Arbiter helmet.

  • Scribe: "Though the contemporary is perhaps the most confounding of all. Thel 'Vadamee was born of noble blood. The legendary house of 'Vadam."

Zoom in on 'Vadamee's right eye.

Cut to Vadam keep on Sanghelios where a young 'Vadamee, dressed only in a red loincloth, and armed with a wooden staff, is training with four blue loincloth-wearing Sangheili, three of whom are also armed with staffs.

  • Scribe: "His family's renown demanded great expectations for his military career. And he would meet them all."

One of the Sangheili charges at 'Vadamee. 'Vadamee flips his opponent over his shoulder and onto the ground. He then attacks the one unarmed Sangheili. The two grapple for control of the staff until 'Vadamee throws his opponent to the ground and incapacitates him with a punch. The third Sangheili raises his staff and charges, but 'Vadamee spins around and strikes him in the side of the head with his own staff, taking him down. The last Sangheili charges. 'Vadamee spins and strikes his opponent in the chest, knocking him to the floor. A triumphant 'Vadamee stands and strikes a victor's pose. Fade to black.

Fade in on Thel 'Vadamee, now garbed in the gold armor and purple cloak of a Supreme Commander, standing on the bridge of his ship. The rest of the Covenant fleet can be seen outside the windows. Pan to a planet surrounded by asteroids.

  • Scribe: "One of the youngest to achieve the status of Shipmaster, and one of the youngest to gain the rate of Supreme Commander."

Scene outside the window speeds up, and the planet's surface turns to molten glass.

  • Scribe: "In our campaign against the humans, few have risen to renown as 'Vadamee."

Cut to a rotating holographic display of the galaxy. Planets disappear one by one, indicating they are being destroyed.

  • Scribe: "World after human world, all laid low for sake of the Great Journey."

Scene zooms in on a holographic depiction of Installation 04.

  • Scribe: "But then came Halo. Shame unto shame."

Scene fades to the real Halo as it explodes.

  • Scribe: "He failed his greatest charge, and the sacred ring was desecrated."

Cut to a close-up of 'Vadamee, now bearing the Mark of Shame.

  • Scribe: "By such disgrace, Thel 'Vadamee became the Arbiter. As a mere scribe, I do not challenge the word of the Hierarchs."

Cut to 'Vadamee standing in the Mausoleum of the Arbiter.

  • Scribe: "But I would be remiss not to voice concern..."

'Vadamee dissolves and is replaced by the Scribe.

  • Scribe: "This Sangheili should have been put down."

The Scribe places his hand on one of the caskets.

  • Scribe: "Publicly slain as an example to all of our prayerful expediency."

Fade to black.

Fade in on High Charity and the Covenant fleet, now engaged in civil war above Installation 05.

  • Scribe: "With the discovery of a second ring, and the Changing of the Guard, all things are in jeopardy."

Cut to the surface of Installation 05, where Sangheili Councilors lie dead at the feet of a Avitus and his fellow Jiralhanae.

  • Scribe: "Will this Arbiter remain loyal? Or will he stand with his people as they are abolished by our new found might?"

Cut to the Scribe.

  • Scribe: "I would never openly challenge the divine proclamations of a Hierarch..."

Cut back to the surface of Delta Halo, showing the POV of someone hiding in the thickets and spying on the Brutes who have slain the Councilors.

  • Scribe: "But this Arbiter is a risk I would not have tolerated."

The observer is revealed to be Thel 'Vadam.

  • Scribe: "And I now fear that the days of the Covenant are numbered."

'Vadam activates his energy sword.

Cut to black.