Terminal (Halo 2: Anniversary)/Pro One

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Lighting the Sacred Path.


The scene opens in high orbit between Meridian and its parent planet. The sound of a spacecraft can be heard, and then a hiss as it lands and offloads its cargo. Scene fades in to the surface of the planet, where two Special Operations Sangheili and a Kig-Yar have just exited a Covenant drop pod. The three approach the entrance to a large cave system.

  • Spec. Ops Commander: "Activate the Kindler. Make haste; we have little time."

The Kig-Yar activates a small machine that floats through the cave system, sweeping it with violet light. As it scans the cave, the structure is filled in on a holographic readout carried by the Commander. The probe enters a large chamber dominated by Forerunner structures, and stops.

  • Spec. Ops Elite: "It has been found, Commander."
  • Spec. Ops Commander: "Very well. Mark the coordinates, and proceed with caution."

The Spec. Ops party enters the chamber, to see a dais on the other side of the room with a brightly glowing device.

  • Spec. Ops Elite: "And to think, it has been under their noses all this time."
  • Spec. Ops Commander: "Humans are foul animals. They lack the intellect and the purity to discern the ways of gods. Prepare the Luminary for retrieval. The Hierarch will reward us for our devotion."

The Kindler returns to its Kig-Yar handler.

Fade to the Solemn Penance in orbit above Meridian, and to Regret's chambers, where the Commander kneels with the Luminary before him.

  • Regret: "Well done, Commander. Do you know what you found?"
  • Spec. Ops Commander: "A Luminary, Hierarch. A divine instrument."
  • Regret: "It is more than that, Commander. This is the one spoken of in the Prophecies. It lights the Sacred Path."

Fade to a large platform overlooking the ship's nature preserve, one year later. He turns his gravity throne to address the two San'Shyuum that have entered the room, conveying the Luminary on an anti-gravity device.

  • Regret: "Stewards. Good news, I pray?"
  • Steward: "It was not easy, Blessed One. The Luminary was not forthcoming with the holy words, but our hope proved true."

The Steward touches the Luminary, which projects a large hologram featuring the seven Halo Installations.

  • Regret: "The Sacred Rings... Halo."
  • Steward: "And not Halo alone, High Prophet. It also told of this."

A projection of the Ark appears above the images of the Halo rings.

  • Steward: "The final home of the Forerunners, and the creation of the Sacred Rings. The Ark."

The scene rapidly shifts through split-second views of the Luminary's projection, a savanna on Earth, and an image of the fully activated Ark Portal.

  • Regret: "By the gods... It is glorious. The stories were true! Where did the gods hide such a treasure?"
  • Steward: "It lies far beyond the borders of our galaxy, accessible only by way of portal. The one portal the Luminary spoke of was here."

A projection of Earth appears.

  • Steward: "The Forerunners called it 'Erde-Tyrene.'"
  • Regret: "Our calling is clear. We must go there at once. We will take the ships in our command and go to this world immediately. This... Erde-Tyrene. Take heed, brothers. Your work signals the culmination of this Covenant's holy quest. Hold fast; the Great Journey is at hand."

As Regret speaks, the fleet powers up its engines and maneuver themselves into position. Slipspace ruptures begin to open in front of them as they prepare for their journey.