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This template is used to check if the given parameter is a valid acronym on Halopedia. It can be used in conjunction with the {{#if:...|...|...}} parser function in order to conditionally display one thing if the acronym exists and another if it doesn't.



Field Name Field Aliases Optional or Required? Description Example
1 (Unnamed field) - Required The acronym to check. TFoR

Error states[edit]

This template has no error states.


Here is an example of what the template will output, when used:

Wiki markup Result
"{{Acronym/Exists|CE}}" "yes"
"{{Acronym/Exists|banana}}" ""
"{{#if:{{Acronym/Exists|CE}}|Acronym exists!|Acronym does not exist!}}" "Acronym exists!"
"{{#if:{{Acronym/Exists|banana}}|Acronym exists!|Acronym does not exist!}}" "Acronym does not exist!"