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This template can be used to reuse a previously established reference in a page. For more reference templates, see Template:Ref.

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Here is an example of how to use this template:

Wiki Markup Result
Sergeant [[Avery Johnson]] was a member of the [[ORION Project]].{{Ref|Name=GNPg122|Halo Graphic Novel, Page 122}}

Johnson participated in [[Operation: KALEIDOSCOPE]], and assassinated [[Jerald Ander]] as part of it.{{Ref/Reuse|GNPg122}}


Sergeant Avery Johnson was a member of the ORION Project.[1]

Johnson participated in Operation: KALEIDOSCOPE, and assassinated Jerald Ander as part of it.[1]


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Field Name(s) Optional or Required? Description Example
1 (Unnamed field), Name Required The name of the citation to be reused.
Group Optional The group of citations the citation to be reused is a part of. If left unspecified, it will default to ungrouped citations (i.e. normal references).