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This template should be used when television episodes or films. For other citation templates, see Template:Ref.

TV Shows

{{Ref/Game|Id=Ref ID|Show name or acronym|Season=Season name|Ep=Episode name|Timestamp}}


{{Ref/Game|Id=Ref ID|Film name or acronym|Story=Optional story or chapter name|Timestamp}}


Field Name Optional or Required? Description Example
Id Optional An ID for the reference, so it can be reused. Make it tied to the source so it does not conflict with other IDs. CF34
1 (Unnamed field) Required The name of the film or TV show being cited Halo Legends
Story Optional The particular section or story being cited. Odd One Out
Season Optional The particular season or series of the TV show being cited. Season 1
Ep Optional The particular episode being cited Contect
Time Optional The particular timestamp being cited. 3:43
Detail Optional Used to clarify any extra details about the citation. A new type of Covenant ship, the DSC-class support ship, is featured in Halo: Fleet Battles.
Quote Optional When citing a particular quote from the page or article, this should be used. However, it cannot be used if the Details field is used. ...in others we could provide detailed concept and reference but no models (DSC Support Ship)...
Quotee Optional The person being quoted, if the Quote field is being used. The Quote field can be used without this field, but it is not recommended to do so - the quote should usually be attributed to the person who wrote it unless it is unclear. Jeff Easterling
D Recommended The day of the month in which you are making this citation (i.e. the current day of the month) 15
M Recommended The month of the year in which you are making this citation, written as its numerical value (not as a word!) 11
Y Recommended The year in which you are making this citation.
LocalArchive Optional The name of a page on the wiki itself, where this web page has been archived. Leave blank if no such page exists. If the page is archived on the separate Halopedia Archives site, provide the URL of its page there, instead. Canon Fodder/Ship Happens
NoArchive Optional If this field is filled in (with any value), the automatic external archive link will never be displayed. This should be left blank except in exceptional circumstances where a link to an external archive should explicitly not be provided for some reason. yes