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This template should be used for all files in the "File" namespace. It presents some information about the file, both in terms of content and metadata. It also automatically categorizes the image.


Parameter Default Detailed description
summary File summary A brief explanation of what the file is and what it is used for.
game Game The game this file is about (if applicable).
subgame Sub-game If the main game is a compilation, the title of the original game.
film Film/series The film or series this file is about (if applicable).
comic Comic The comic series or graphic novel this file is about (if applicable).
book Book The book this file is about (if applicable).
media Media type The type of media the file is from if it's not from a Halo game, film, comic, or book: album, merch, marketing, website, nonhalo. If none of these apply, don't include the parameter.
type Content type What type of content this is. This will automatically determine some other things. Can be one of the following:
  • screenshot: Screenshot
  • icon: Icon image
    • achievement: Achievement image
    • medal: Multiplayer medal image
    • skull: Skull image
  • artwork: General artwork
    • concept: Concept art
    • cover: Cover art
    • character: Character art
    • storyboard: Storyboard image
    • wallpaper: Wallpaper image
  • render: Render
  • logo: Logo
  • asset: Misc asset
  • page: Comic panel or book page
  • document: Document
  • audio: Audio file
  • real: Real-world image
  • user: Personal user image
  • wiki: Halopedia site image
subject Subject Subject of the image for optional screenshot categorization: character, weapon, vehicle, multiplayer, menu.
artist Artist The name of the artist who created the work, if known.
source File source If it was obtained from a website, type its URL here. Other options: self, direct, unknown.
filename Original filename The original filename before it was uploaded to the wiki (if applicable).
license License This is the same parameter you would feed into {{license}}. Defaults to fair use.
nocat No categorization If this has a value, like "y", then the template will not automatically categorize the file.