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Vacation Glitch?[edit]

I just discovered a minor glitch in this area. It can only be done on Spartan Ops, since it requires a Jet Pack. At the front center of the tower is a tall protrusion with rails on it; it's what sticks out the farthest from the front of the tower. It's not too hard to get up there with the Jet Pack. From there, it's possible to get high enough to tell that the glass is not solid, so I thought, "maybe I can get on top of something up there." By jumping and then using the Jet Pack at the right moment to get the most height, you can almost get over the closest thing, which is a metal part in the middle of the glass a short distance ahead. Crouch jumping works with the Jet Pack, so by getting the most height and crouching at the end, you can get over the lip of that metal part and land in a small pocket inside.

All very cool, except... you can't get any farther ahead. There's an invisible wall ahead that you can't fly over. You can get over the back (the side you came in from) and the sides, and land on the very thin edges of this metal thing. I haven't found an "invisible ceiling" on this tower yet like most of the game has, so in theory you could keep climbing. The thing is, I can't find anything else to land on.

Something to play around with, I guess. This seems like the beginning of a potential "Vacation" glitch if anyone can find a way to continue it.