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Name section[edit]

Is the Name section really necessary? Quite obviously, Qunu is his given name due to all the reasons the section mentions. All the section actually does is say "On the one hand, it can't be his surname for these reasons. But on the other hand, it can't be his surname for these other reasons." If it can't be his surname for so many reasons, then duh it's his given name. It should probably either be removed (due to obviousness) or changed to not have it counter against itself with the same point.

"Quite obviously" isn't "quite obviously" to the average and/or low IQ reader. It's more like "Wth, this surname is phail" to him. After all, we are the definite source of Halo information, where speculations are not restricted as long as they could be useful and they are on-topic. - JEA13 [iTalk] 19:08, January 22, 2010 (UTC)