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Hey, from my interpertation of the terminals, the flood was inside the sphere and that the Forerunner Navy was trying to keep them contained within and eventually reclaim, but the way this article is worded it would seem that the forerunners were locked down in the sphere. If the latter is true, how did they manage to build and evacuate to the Ark, which is 2^18 lightyears from the galactic center? Untill now i had assumed that a large portion of the Milky Way had been cut off behind the line and left for the flood to comsume (Or simply spread due to the populations there comitting mass genocide) because of the phases used like, 'Drawing a line in the sand' and 'decideing who can be saved and who must be left behind' (or something to that efferct) refering to the worlds and population centers that were behind the line.

If i am wrong then please explain to me why, or, if i was correct, alter the article.

-- Æther 04:33, 6 June 2008 (UTC)

on assuming gender in regard to the librarian and the didact

the librarian and the didact are never referred to in a gender when talking amongst themselves, so it is improper to force a gender upon them, assuming one to be male and one to be female. gender may have had no meaning to the forerunners and since we do not know if they were of a gender or what that gender was, it is foolish to refer to them in such terms.

-- Kori126 17:27, 25 August 2008 (UTC)

Well, based on analysis of the name and actions taken by the two characters, one can assume that the most possible gender of the Didact is a male (Due to its bravery and honour in sacrificing) while the Librarian a female (Due to the concerning safety of the Didact, similar like a lover). Unless Bungie stated something new, the article goes as so...Little_Missy - File:Cortana Gif.gif|24px]] 17:47, 25 August 2008 (UTC)

Isn;t "Maginot" in orange letters and brackets, indicating a more approximate translation? It was interpreted post-cataclysm, after all. Also, I agree with Subtank. It DOES seem to me that Didact is male, while the Librarian is female.Oh, and just because "Librarian" is a most likely a title does NOT mean that "Didact" is as well.