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High Explosive equals "Boom"?[edit]

The article here states A HE ammunition is an explosive compound that is added or mixed in with the standard type of gunpowder. After the bullet has been fired from the weapon and has hit a target, the compounds inside the round will ignite, thereby offering a potentially larger entry wound, a deeper impact wound, and a dangerous exit wound. Now, if there is a compound mixed in with the standard gunpowder, then it is inside the bullet casing. Not the bullet itself. This would mean that it would not be a "secondary explosion" as is suggested, but that it would provide a larger explosion upon firing, expelling the bullet at a higher rate of speed and force.

Also do we have a better source for the above excerpt? The only source given on this page offers nothing.Ocean Soul (talk) 17:52, 10 November 2013 (EST)