Phoenix Logs/UNSC Units/Alice-130

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Genetically augmented humans wearing MJOLNIR armor, the ultimate super soldier.

Spartans are the crack infantry unit of the UNSC—tough, fast moving and equipped with a rapidly recharging energy shield when not in combat. Their enhanced agility and strength enables them to leap high into the air before slamming into the ground, either to take out an enemy, place an explosive device on an enemy structure or even hijack a vehicle.

Spartans Alice-130 can be upgraded to heft a medium range, rapid-firing heavy machine gun.

Alice-130 grew up on the way station colony of Passage, where she amazed her family by quickly learning rudimentary engineering at an early age. This exceptional aptitude marked her out from the rest of the children and she was flagged up as a potential candidate for the SPARTAN-ll program.

Like all the candidates, she was abducted from her family for secret training, but she was one of the few children who weren't traumatized during the process. In fact, Alice actually relished and thrived on the challenge, a natural Spartan if there ever was one. Despite eagerly embracing her destiny, Alice's body initially rejected the augmentation process and she had to be retrained separately, where she met similar 'wash outs' Douglas-042 and Jerome-092, her future partners in Red Team. Alice lives for combat and challenge and can often appear reckless. but this is in actuality an utmost belief in her abilities.