Phoenix Logs/Campaign Logs/Rise of Atriox VI

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ONI Section Zero Board//Surveillance transcription of internal communications between subjects 'S' and 'D', 03.15.2558 1702 hrs//Full transcript available on request//

['S'] Sir, it's me. We've lost him. He's completely disappeared.

['D'] You can drop the 'sir', I'm not your boss anymore. remember? I take it I know which 'him' we're talking about?

['S'] Every one of my sources say the trail has gone cold. Those that are still answering my calls anyway. Without ONI channels at my disposal the only people talking are those who owe me favors.

['D'] They don't need us now their war's over. Forget about it.

['S'] Forget it? Atriox has assembled an army somewhere out there and we still don't know what he's after. I've got connections on Doisac and he's become a symbol to the Jiralhanae. A new leader to rally around. While we've been fighting the Covenant, he's been growing and gathering his forces. The last time we heard from him he had captured a whole host of Hugarok. Forerunner engineers. You know what those things can do?

['D'] Listen, I stopped caring when they cut me out. They pull me up on a few shady deals after what they did with the Spartan IIs? Hypocrites. They ask you to get your hands dirty and then they're too good to shake your hand. The only reason I'm not in some detention station is the stuff I have on them. So let them find out about Atriox in their own time. Don't call here again, we're done.