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The Oracle
The Official Newsletter of Halopedia

Volume XX - September 30, 2008

The Oracle bids thee tidings in this volume of the Oracle Newsletter, for September 30, 2008!

Meet the HotM Classifieds Bloggin' Halopedia Notices
Ask a NoOb Leadership and Excellence Usergroup news
The Oracle
The Official Newsletter of Halopedia

Volume XX - September 30, 2008
Meet the HotM

Written by FightwithHonor, Interim Writer
Once again, the Oracle proudly brings you Meet the HotM. This month's HotM is none other than EwCDnaudee419

Hello EwCDnaudee419. As one of the interim writers for the Oracle Monthly I get to interview the Halopedian of the Month. You are the lucky person I get to interview.

I appreciate this opportunity to talk and be featured in the Oracle and was happy to answer your various questions. :)

Okay, let's begin.

How did you come to Halopedia? Was it the community, was it the chance to edit, what was it?

I came to Halopedia because it was the first of many Wikia's for me and I was curious what it was like to both edit and meet new people on a site other than Myspace.

What's your favorite part of the Halo Universe? As a member of the CoH, I'm sure you are partial towards the Covenant, but you never know...

My favorite part of the Halo Universe I would have to say is the Covenant. The power they show and weapons they use, as well as other things, make them very appealing to me.

Arbiter or the Chief?

As a very high ranking member of the CoH if I had to choose between the Arbiter or the MC I would pick the Arbiter, solely because I think he shows more traits of a hero than the MC in some situations.

When you play multiplayer, what weapon do you rush for? Are you a power weapon guy, or do you prefer to take people down with the default?

When in Multiplayer I usually go for the sword and hide it. I have never been killed in the Swords gametype. If I can't get to the sword I try to grab a Sniper Rifle, which I am equally good with, or I will just rush in and try my hardest to kill everyone.

You've been one of our top users for quite a while now, what tips do you have for our new users?

As for Tips for younger Users, Do a good job.... don't cut corners because you will look like a child and you will not rise to power as quickly as me. I put in hard work and out came the CoH leadership and hopefully soon, an RfA. I am also well respected and trusted, which is also incredibly important and is earned only by hard work and determination.

Thanks so much for your time.

Thanks for the interview, I enjoyed it.

The Oracle
The Official Newsletter of Halopedia

Volume XX - September 30, 2008

Written by Forgottenlord, Editor-in-Chief
No one sent in any classifies so I guess I get to fill this page with my own.

Wanted: Voters for SCoH proposed standards. Seriously, we need 10 voters of which 2 have to be admins and we've gotten 4 people to vote - and one of our own Senators hasn't voted yet. What's going on?

Wanted: People discussing SCoH proposed standards. There's only 4 of us doing all the work right now

Wanted: Standards proposals for the SCoH. They don't even have to be very fleshed out, just an "Hey, we should develop a standard for this issue." I know those standards are out there - I kept running into them while the SCoH was sitting as an RfU.

Wanted: Any sign of life in the SCoH. Any at all

Wanted: Forgottenlord to shut up about the SCoH.

Wanted (by Notanoob): Some input on the biggest thing that I have written. Seriously. It's like, my lifes work.

The Oracle
The Official Newsletter of Halopedia

Volume XX - September 30, 2008
Bloggin' Halopedia

Written by Lovemuffin, Guest Writer
What have been popular and hot topics of Halopedia's own Blogosphere this month? Let's find out...

As a note, these blogs are in no particular order

The Peacekeepers of Halopedia by Dandarro nahan

Another attempt to raise a Anti-Vandal Usergroup. Commonly stated in most of the veterans' replies is a lesson that Halopedians need to learn: Vandals are like Sith Lords, they thrive off our anger...

It's Official! The SCoH is now active! by Notanoob

Well, you heard it! The Standards Council of Halopedia is now established to take the average English language of the Articles and beat it down with a sophistification stick (say that fives times fast)! Oh, and by the way, if this information is new to you, lemme suggest a little thing called the Site Notice. It's at the top of all the pages here! Now that you know, you don't have to be like, "How does everyone know this stuff before me?" Sigh, nòób.....

Check out Assembly! by El Zilcho

As most of you know, Bungie has announced the new map Assembly, which they let players experience at PAX. I believe this is the map that will shed more light on the Lekgolo-Scarab controversy, as it is in a Scarab Construction Facility. Hopefully this will assemble some new thoughts, wink, wink ^ˌ^

Fan-Fic Drawing (Part 2) by Subtank

Well, I think Subtank has done some excellent work in the past few weeks, and I think we should also acknowledge her fan art as well........along with others....

New Parodies. by CommanderTony

CT lays ↓down↓ da laws concerning the creation of Halopedia:Parodies|Parodies. REMINDER: THIS BLOG IS NOT ABOUT PANCAKES!

How does Halo kill stuff? & Does the "Halo Effect" kill people in Slipspace? by Zeno Panthakree

This is one of those questions where your like, "What!? What makes a person normal? That's simple! They,uh...they have to be,um...hmm..." Though there are many possible answers, it is hard to answer perfectly to these questions. Bravo, Zeno, You wily Elite.

Top Users? by Banana Cat

BC talks about the Top Users feature of Halopedia. Should it be removed? Should it be replaced with Worst Users? Tallest Users? Funkiest Users? Communist Users? Gerbils? (WTF?)

"Worthless Articles": On Admins and deletions by FatalException

Another user attempts to challenge the O' Mighty Admins. Choose the coordination of your words carefully, or your face may be receiving the business end of the BANHAMMAH!

John - Hero, or War Criminal? by Specops306

Quite an interesting bit of information presented by Specopsy. In Master Chief's defense, it's a dog eat dog world, you have to kill everyone else before they kill you. However, a Chief vs. Society story or game would be Pretty frickin' awesome...

Other Blogs of Note:
Rooster Teeth's new series, Animated RVB by Wraith
Y covenant destroiz mah planet? :( by LordSuperNova

Lovemuffin's Pick
One of my old blogs from February, however, it's not old as the subject of the blog is due to release this Christmas!


The Oracle
The Official Newsletter of Halopedia

Volume XX - September 30, 2008

Written by Forgottenlord, Editor-in-Chief
  • The Halopedia:Standards Council of Halopedia was proposed by Forgottenlord and Notanoob as a response to the blog YOU ARE NOT WORTH. NOT YET by admin Dragonclaws which the Oracle featured last month. The SCoH's RfU was passed in the minimum 2 week time frame and has now been founded.
  • There are two new Administrators,Subtank and EwCDnaudee419.
  • The final stage of Simon rjh's campaign to remove the points system has come: the final vote. Check it out and cast your vote at Remove of Halopedia's Points System (Part 3)
  • Halo 3: Recon has been announced, as well as the Halo 3: Mythic.
  • Our very own Editor-in-Chief has left Halopedia, due to his depression that nobody was doing anything in the SCoH, and that the Oracle wasn't being completed or thought about. Great Job at driving away another great Halopedian. We'll miss him.
The Oracle
The Official Newsletter of Halopedia

Volume XX - September 30, 2008
Ask a No0b

Written by Notanoob, Interm Writer
And now, The Oracle not-so-proudly presents Ask a No0b! In this section, all users have a chance to take a poke at a real live no0b!

Master Cheif 108 asks: "whats with all the new halo 3 achievments none of them make sense" And the no0b replies:"They just felt like it. There really isn't a great explanation to this, other than they wanted to give people more to work for, to keep them interested in the game."

Omar-065 asks:"Why are n00bs attracted to big guns? I call it the moth to bulb effect."

The No0b, excited about the words 'big guns' answers, "Because they kan kill stuff fasta! No really, it's becasue most no0bs become discouraged when they find out that they suck with normal weapons, so they go for Rocket Launchers and swords becasue they can kill people without much skill. In Halo CE, the RL was the only real power weapon. Since the sniper took 3 non headshots to kill with, it wasn't such a loved gun. In Halo 2 however, No0bs were given the ability to duel-wield, spawning a whole new and easy way to kill steal from a pair of pros duking it out. And as for the infamuos 'no0b combo', that already existed, in the form of a PP and Magnum in CE. It only became populat because of Xbox Live. Besides, there is an easier way to do this, just duel a PP with an SMG. But nothing to top the noobishness exemplified by Halo 3. Duel wieldable shotguns? Check. Uber lazer beam thing? Check. Hammer? Check."


The no0b, talking in 1337, answers with "ROFLOLBBQZOMG!!!ONE!!!ELEVEN!!!11!!!!1!!!!!!!"

And the after that he asks "Does 343 Guilty Spark or any of the other Monitors 'monitor' the production of the Oracle newsletter?"

And the no0b replies "Oh, you mean that annoying light bulb guy? I pwnd him with a splazer so he would stop bugging me about being a genius lololololol."

An uninformed inoccent Halopedian asked "Where are the forums?" And some shameless no0b who is really full of himself said "There at the top center of the main page. Or you could type in Defunct in your address box and it'll send you there. Here is one of my Defunct. And here is one that you should never go to: Defunct"

And for the final quesiton, another no0b asked himself "Why? Why dose Master keep the Oracle away from use so long? WHY?!?" And the other no0b, replies from the darkness "Because I'm a lazy tweerp who couldn't get a few questions answered in one day.(With evil implications) LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!11!!!!1!!ONE!!!ELEVEN!!!"

The Oracle
The Official Newsletter of Halopedia

Volume XX - September 30, 2008
Leadership and Excellence

Written by Master Chief Petty Officier, Intern Editor
Ed, Administrator of Halopedia, Four Star General in the UoH, A Supreme Commander in the CoH, A Monitor of Halopedia and a member of the Fan Art Committee. Such achievement is to be honored as one of the greatest Halopedian Halopedia has ever had. Ed joined Halopedia on 10th October, 2005, when Halopedia is still an empty wiki with only 250 articles maintained by Dragonclaws and the other admin. Ed was made admin in August, 2006 and was the Halopedian of the Month in September, 2006 and May 2007. His major contributions are mainly writing articles, controlling speculations and categorization, which has made Halopedia a more organized and better community over the years. Sadly, Ed leaved us a message announcing his resignation from Halopedia for reason of attending the Air Assault School, and has no time to attend duties on Halopedia. Such user should always be honor, and we wish him luck not only in Halo, but in reality, and if he ever experience difficulties, there are always a bunch of Halopedians to support him.
The Oracle
The Official Newsletter of Halopedia

Volume XX - September 30, 2008
Usergroup News

Written by Notanoob, Intern Writer

here hasn't been much activity lately.