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The Oracle
The Official Newsletter of Halopedia

Volume XIX - September 1, 2008

The Oracle bids thee tidings in this volume of the Oracle Newsletter, for September 1, 2008!

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The Oracle
The Official Newsletter of Halopedia

Volume XIX - September 1, 2008
Ask a Noob

Written by Notanoob, Intern Writer

i all! This is a new section that's simple purpose is to answer your questions! Simply send a message to Notanoob and the answer will be posted in this section in the next month's Oracle. For right now, I'll give you a nice little bit on how to get to the forums.

Since it isn't immediately visible on the sidbar, many users are having trouble getting to the forums section (if they even know it exists). But it's actually right in front of you! All you have to do is highlight the community section on the sidebar and then click on Halopedia Forums. Alternatively, you could use the link that is sitting on the Main Page. Under where it says "Halopedia, The Halo encyclopedia that anyone can edit." There is a section that says "Featured Articles-Forums-etc.". There you have it! Now give the old-fashioned admins a break and check them out!

The Oracle
The Official Newsletter of Halopedia

Volume XIX - September 1, 2008
Bloggin' Halopedia

Written by FightWithHonor, Intern Writer
After a dearth of well-thought out and written articles, the blog section has gotten just a little more interesting after Halopedia's best and brightest broke out the keyboards and started posting.

Blasting the Blast

Tired of those annyoing Board Blasts saying "OmygoshguysiJuStgotXboxlIve!!?@11!"? Well, it seems a good portion of Halopedians are also tired of it, and looking forward to axing this spam-filled chunk of their message boards.

New Achievement Ideas

Come on, 49 separate achievements aren't enough?!? Although you have to admit, sticking a sniper rifle bullet while wearing Active Camo and yodeling would be pretty cool.

To War? A Study of Video Game Violence

Once more Dragonclaws comes through with a poised, well-written, and pointed blog. (Granted it did make me yearn for the tender mercies of War and Peace.) It also gave us some more rotten tomatoes to throw at Jack Thompson. Yay!


I hate to put an author on here twice, but this seriously ought to be on Halopedia's required reading list. (Although once again I am yearning for War and Peace)

Gears to out-do Halo's storyline.

I've never been much on GoW, but a blog like this helps to broaden your perspectives and test how rapid a fanboy you really are. (On a scale of 1 to 10, with ten as the highest fanboy level, the Average Halopedian is about a 12.5 .)

Covenant Shields

It helps to spell the title right, but I've always liked "what if scenarios." Particularly if they involved big explosions and loud noises.

Happy reading!

The Oracle
The Official Newsletter of Halopedia

Volume XIX - September 1, 2008

Written by forgottenlord, Editor-in-chief
Got something you want people to know about, advertise with the Halopedia Classifieds. Contact forgottenlord for details. Here's this month's classifieds

Wanted: Articles about the wider Halo world. Anything, everything, we'll take them all. Contact forgottenlord with your ideas

Wanted: Editor for the Oracle. Able to show how pathetic forgottenlord is at grammar. The Oracle apologizes to the three individuals alive today that don't qualify. Duties include:

  • being available during the last week of each month
  • checking grammar and spelling of all Oracle articles
  • working with the various authors to ensure that all articles are of the highest possible quality while maintaining the author's original intent.

Wanted: Usergroup news. Anything, something, I don't care, but it isn't possible that all 4 usergroups had absolutely NOTHING happen!

Wanted: Panic button. Red, round, and attached to some seditive shots. Must be durable enough to get pushed about 100 times a day for the last week of each month.

Wanted: Letters to the Editor. How are we doing? Send your letters to forgottenlord's talk page.

Wanted: Questions for "Ask a Noob". Send your questions to our resident Noob.

The Oracle
The Official Newsletter of Halopedia

Volume XIX - September 1, 2008
Meet the HotM

Written by Master Chief Petty Officer, Intern Writer
Just some time ago, a user was nominated as the 13th admin on Halopedia. At the same time though, he was nominated as the Halopedian of the Month by many users. He is, as we all know, Simon rjh.

Question #1: What brought you to Halopedia?

Answer: I saw a link from the Halo 3 article on wikipedia, made some IP edits, got invited to join, and started making headway in the UoH.

Question #2: What changes do you propose to help improve Halopedia?

Answer: I still think that the site would be better off without some of the new features, especially the points system, which I've tried to abolish. I want to put more emphasis on the usergroups rather than individual points.

Question #3: What is your favorite game apart from Halo?

Answer: GTA IV is great, and I love the online multiplayer of Call of Duty 4. If Bungie could create challenges with rewards like CoD4 did, I'd play it a lot more. I'm looking forward to lots of pre-holiday releases, especially Spore (for PC), Gears of War 2 and Call of Duty 5.

Question #4: What will you do to help stop newbs from vandalizing Halopedia?

Answer: Newbs don't vandalise. Newbs need to be guided, shown how to edit efficiently and produce good quality articles. Semantics aside, I think that vandals need to be dealt with quickly, and I urge all users, admin, rollbackers and regulars, to keep an eye out for vandalism, and report the user to administration so that further action can be taken.

Question #5: Pick one real life job, what would it be?

Answer: Bungie.net Disembodied Soul.

Question #6: I have heard that some time ago, you petitioned to abolish the point system, do you still support the idea?

Answer: Yes, I still stand by all of the reasons I gave, and myself and the other admins have had further discussion with staff over whether to remove it.

Question #7: Wikipedia or Halopedia?

Answer: Halopedia all the way.

Question #8: If you were to nominate a user for RfA, who would it be?

Answer: There are several worthy candidates, although I don't think I'm in a position to nominate others, yet. Subtank has the qualities of an admin, and I would also say Forgottenlord except he doesn't seem to have the time.

Question #9: Is it in your expectation to be HOTM?

Answer: Well, I felt that I would get HOTM sooner or later, but I try to be modest ;)

Question #10: Do you like being an admin?

Answer: Well, I can do more now and I can actually do something about vandals, instead of just reporting them. On the other hand, it's a lot of responsibility and I feel a lot is expected of me.

The Oracle
The Official Newsletter of Halopedia

Volume XIX - September 1, 2008

Written by forgottenlord, Editor-in-chief
  • The Oracle and her staff would like to give their sincere farewells to Ed who recently announced his retirement
  • The Oracle and her staff would like to congratulate Simon rjh for his successful RfA.
The Oracle
The Official Newsletter of Halopedia

Volume XIX - September 1, 2008
Oracle Subscriptions

Written by forgottenlord, Editor-in-chief
Enjoy reading the Oracle? Want the Oracle delivered to your message board every month? Then subscribe today. But how do I do it? Well, it's quite simple. Simply add our subscription userbox to your userpage and our wonderful delivery staff will drop the Oracle off as soon as it has been published.

To add the subscription userbox, simply put Defunct on your userpage. It's that simple!

The Oracle
The Official Newsletter of Halopedia

Volume XIX - September 1, 2008
It's Just a Group of Users...

Written by forgottenlord, Editor-in-chief
Alright kids, it's time to listen to the old man talk about his glory days. Pull up a chair and a pillow and we'll talk about Usergroups.

What are usergroups? Well, you know how the veterans who don't like listening to you just tell you that "Points don't mean anything"? That's because they don't really care about the ranks you get from points - they care much more about the ranks from usergroups. Well, ok, they care more about who their friends are, but that's beside the point. But they do care more about your rank from a usergroup. Why? Well, the ranks from points are very easy to get - I mean, you only have to hit "Save Page" a lot of times to get points and therefore a higher rank. However, in a usergroup, your rank is evaluated by the leaders of your usergroup, and the criteria they use is both based on quantity and quality. If you have amazing edits, you could even have a higher rank in a usergroup than you got from points. Just look at me - I'm a Major in the UNSC of Halopedia but a Gunnery Sergeant from points.

But that still doesn't explain what they are. They are a group of users trying to promote the editing of a particular area of Halopedia. For example, the Covenant of Halopedia is trying to promote the editing of Covenant articles. This includes rewarding users for working on said articles by giving them promotions and having an Improvement Drive that tries to focus attention on a specific article, bringing it's quality to a higher standard.

The best part, though, is that every two months, there are elections for new leaders of these usergroups. That's right, you get to VOTE for new leaders of any usergroup you are a part of. How cool is that?

There are four usergroups in Halopedia, the Covenant of Halopedia which focuses on Covenant related content, the UNSC of Halopedia which focuses on UNSC and other human related content, the Ancients of Halopedia who focus on the races that flew through the stars before man learnt how to use fire, and the Gamers of Halopedia who focus on the actual playing of the Halo games. You can join any of them, or all 4 of them. The process of joining is generally very simple: just go to the usergroup in question, and add your name to the bottom of the list.

So there you go kids, now run along and get yourselves into these usergroups and earn yourselves some promotions.

The Oracle
The Official Newsletter of Halopedia

Volume XIX - September 1, 2008
Usergroup News

Written by forgottenlord, Editor-in-Chief
No usergroups indicated any news of any sort so.....we have no news to report.


So how was your month?

I knew there was Usergroup News

Gamers of Halopedia Overkiller Ajax 013 has resigned due to the fact that he never even knew or was even interested in the position. The duties of Overkiller have been turned over to Jolly W. Roberts.

Ancients of Halopedia is looking for another Reclaimer as the current Reclaimers feel they have too much work to do on their own. To apply, please contact Simon rjh