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April 14, 2007
The Oracle
The Unofficial Newsletter of Halopedia

Hello, Oracle Newsletter Volume IX, and once again, the Oracle bids thee tidings in this release of the Oracle Newsletter, for the week of April 14, 2007!

Wha's goin' on?

  • NEW VIDOCLOL! Apparently a new video documentary, Halo 3 ViDoc: Is Quisnam Protero Damno!, was released, and no one told me about it (shoots sideways glare at Relentless, who puts his hands up and acts innocent). Anyway, you can find it at the here place thingy, and it's about Halo 3's multiplayer. Go looky!
  • Bubble shield and Trip Mine are the X-Button! I KNEW IT!!! Except the tripmine... well, now you can really reenact that scene from First Strike with the frag nades and the Grunts! Sorta... meh.
  • I'll let Relentless put in the number of days remaining until the release of the renowned Halo 3 in November...

Local news

  • The Oracle Newsletter is HIRING! RelentlessRecusant is offering two positions - intern staff writer & graphical designer - to any interested Halopedian! Please message RR at his talk page to apply and to check out what opportunities the Oracle can provide you!
  • Have you seen the April Fools Joke? Check it out - Cabal...and to think that some people thought that these purported cabalists were communists. *RR glares accusingly at Haloman333*
  • Deletion of the AVC?! See this forum. Some users have requested that the Anti-Vandal Coalition be deleted because of two newly instated policies. Please offer your input!
Covenant of Halopedia news
News-Wiki CoH.PNG

Current Improvement Article: Civil War of the Covenant

  • Help out the Covenant of Halopedia and Halopedia as a whole by improving the Civil War of the Covenant article! Donut THX 1138 and RR are offering promotions for such work!
  • Any ideas on how to spiff up the CoH? The Councilmen are open to your suggestions. =D

Meet Someone New!

News-You Have Seen.jpg

Ryangreenday is the distinguished community member of the week! An old-time veteran of Halopedia since August '06, he still maintains considerable spunk and charisma, forming the Halo 2 Xbox Live clan "Lima Company" - a very popular organization with over a dozen Halopedians enlisted! He's especially knowledgeable about current military ranks, and also military weapons, and has almost 4 thousand edits on Halopedia as well! He also has uploaded many images, which you can view at his page, not to mention links to YouTube videos of his favorite band. (Hint: Look at his user name. *stares*) You can speak to Ryanngreenday at his talk page!


The cover of Halo 2

The Oracle's Review for Halo 2®, Xbox

Halo 2 is a science-fiction first person-shooter...blah blah blah...if you don't know that you play as John-117 and the Arbiter, you can dual-wield, whateverI'msupposedtosayheretofillupspace, etc...you deserve to be shot and banned from Halopedia! =D Now, onto our review...

  • Gameplay: 10 - Halo 2 is a jack 'o all trades. It has nothing that is particularily outstanding...but everything just seems to...fit together, you know? Seamless playing quality.
  • Graphics: 9.5 - Satisfactory...although not Xbox 360-quality. =D This is offset by the fact that Halo 2 was Xbox-era...but...gahh! =D
  • Campaign: 10 - Hell yeah! The detail that Bungie invested into making the campaign is tremendous! Using mods, when Cairo Station shudders in the level Cairo Station, you can see the actinic flash of the Super MAC cannon...you can also see the UNSC Frigate In Amber Clad docked on Cairo Station as well...when you get to New Mombasa, you can see the flood walls that still exist from 2007 Mombasa...the realism is unnerving. Exacting detail to realism and exacting detail to gameplay equals a well deserved 10/10 in this category.
  • Multiplayer: 10 - Truely exceptional. When you get onto XBOX LIVE, an all-new Halo 2 experience permeates you! The multiplayer maps are wonderfully balanced, and there is nonstop action. Except when n00bs begin to mod and hack. But that's a different story. =D
  • OVERALL: 9.9 - A beautifully put-together video game that's considered a benchmark par excellence for all other "beautiful" video games. (Of course, if I didn't rate this something like a 9.9, I have a feeling that you Halopedians will run after us with pitchforks...=D)

Wikia Wants YOU!

Heylo there, Halopedians! Wikia could use your help on a certain number of Wikia wikis...

  • Half-Life Wikia - A fan of the Half-Life video game series? Donut THX 1138 is heading up an effort to breathe life into the corpse of the Half-Life Wikia! Help us now!
  • Halo Fan Fiction Wikia - Do you pride yourself on writing fictions, particularly on Halo? Write your stories and articles on your stories at the Halo Fan Fiction Wikia!
  • House Wikia - Interested in House, M.D., the TV medical thriller? Help us start this fledging new Wikia!

Also again, remember, Wikia isn't the only one asking for help! Remember that the Oracle Newsletter is looking for an intern writer and a graphic designer! If you're interested, apply at RR's talk page! Thanks!

Production Manager: RelentlessRecusant
Staff Writer: Guesty-Persony-Thingy
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