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Issue 2: A whole lotta Halo!

Story by CIA391
October 8, 2017

Welcome everyone!

Hello everyone, and welcome to Issue 2 of Halopedia News(Name still pending to be changed heh). This Issue has a lot to go into, from new experiences, communities releasing updates, and other awesome content. So let head feet first shall we.

Recruiting Excellence

Halo Recruit Logo.jpg

343 Industries recently announced Halo: Recruit, a brand new Halo Experience available on October 17 by Endeavor One. This experience is a Virtual Reality experience(that requires the Windows MR headset) and will be available as a free download on the Windows store. Read more about the experience on Waypoint here. You can also hear Toa Freaks experience of it when he visited 343i a few weeks ago here.

Mega Contrux models announced

Something exciting we have to show is a few upcoming sets and mini-figures for the Halo Mega Constux lines. There is a lot of cool stuff being added like the totally yummy Pizza Assault Rifle.(Damn who knew a model could make someone feel so hungry), to the totally awesome Grunt Goblin(lets hope the Grunts piloting them stands a better chance than the poor grunt here)

Community Spotlights

<youtube width="300" height="200">zo3ZmK3-mpU</youtube>

You asked for it, so here is a few stuff you folks have brought to our attention that we just had to share.

  • Sins of the Prophets, a mod of the critically acclaimed Sins of a Solar Empire, recently released version 0.85.1 of their epic alpha. Fixing many bugs, and most notably improving their User interface. You can read about it, and download it here. *To use the mod you need to purchase Sins of a Solar Empire.
  • Goldenstalion on reddit made an awesome Cyberpunk-y ODST wallpaper, we just wanted to share. You can see it here.
  • HiddenXperia also released a very interesting video(Seen above) detailing on how Awakening the Nightmare changed Flood lore.

What is to come!

Next Issue will be a very special Issue. We managed to get a interview with someone with very "Lofty" connections to Halo, something no one should miss. See you next time everyone!

- CIA391 - Editor N' Chief