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Bungie Day '09: Bungie Pro Video is now Live

Story by CommanderTony
July 7th, 2009


How to upload your videos onto the internet without spending money...well kinda.


"Bungie Pro originally launched right alongside a little game called Halo 3 in September, 2007, providing the community-at-large (that’s you) with some extra server-side features that we can't offer to millions of ravenous players (that’s you too) without charging a lit bit extra. The reception was overwhelming. To date, Bungie Pro has allowed players to create and share more Screenshots, Saved Films & Film Clips, and Game & Map Variants than we ever imagined. Launch-to-Date, over 84 million pieces of Halo 3 content have been shared through Bungie.net. 84 Million! But still, you demand more. And guess what? We’re ready to deliver. Today we've incorporated some brand-spankin’ new technology into Bungie Pro’s existing suite of game-enhancing features. We call it Bungie Pro Video."
— Bungie.net

Probably one of the most useful things to be implemented within the Halo 3 community, Bungie Pro Video allows a player to upload videos from their fileshare and then download it onto their hard drive for future use on sites such as YouTube or on their personal blogs. The best part about it is, Bungie Pro Video isn't some low-res piece of sh!t uploader. It has support for 480p and for High Definition-lovers, such as myself, they have it in 720p! I even uploaded a small clip of one of my ancient exploits in Halo 3, too bad Wikia fucks up videos, so I apologize.

Here are a few good points about it:

  • Bungie Pro Video lets you take your Halo 3 Films Clips (or anyone else’s) and turn ‘em into videos you can watch on any computer with a player that supports the WMV format
  • Bungie Pro Video comes bundled with Bungie Pro at no extra charge
  • Your rendered videos can be viewed by anyone on the web and saved to your local hard drive
  • Bungie Pro Video users will automatically be granted five (5) render minutes per month, awarded on the day you purchased Bungie Pro (or at month’s end in the case a date falls on the 31st.)
  • Render minutes granted via this monthly method will NOT roll-over month-to-month—you gotta use ‘em or lose ‘em
  • Additional minute packs will soon be available through the in-game Halo 3 Media Menu/File Share for 100 Microsoft Points each, they do not expire and DO roll-over from month to month

To read more about Bungie Pro Video, and how you can spread your domination across the internet, check out Bungie.net's page here!. Also, Bungie has released a special Bungie Day Podcast for us, featuring the talents of Nathan Fillion and Marty O'Donnell here!.

You stay frosty Halopedia!


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