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RISK: Halo Wars Collector's Edition

Story by Spirit of Fire
June 6th, 2009


Would you people love to fight Covenant armies or eradicate Flood infections without switching your Xbox on? It will be possible in Fall 2009 with the newly-announced RISK: Halo Wars Collector's Edition!


RISK Halo Wars Collector's Edition

Confirmed to go on sale in Fall 2009, RISK: Halo Wars Collector's Edition will give players chance to choose one between the three main factions from the Halo Universe, the UNSC, the Covenant and the Flood. Announced here, the game comes complete with a custom game board, 7 dice and 290 pieces, taken from the Halo Wars era, including Marines, Spartans, Scorpions, the Arbiter, Wraiths, Grunts, ProtoGravemind, Infection Forms and Carrier Forms, which will battle over 42 territories and six sectors. Three different game types, including classic, basic and advanced will be featured for a minimum of 3 players to a maximum of 5.

Since we love either to save mankind or to obliterate it, shouldn't we appreciate all this?