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Opinions on the Future of Halo Gaming

Story by DinoBenn
July 23rd, 2009


Some people will buy Halo: Reach the day it comes out. Some people will wait until their birthdays or gift-giving holidays. Some people, on the other hand, may not want to purchase a new console or flashy piece of equipment just for a new game.


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First, some insight. Project Natal is Microsoft's take on motion capture and recognition technology, using an interface on the front of the device to recognize changes in expression. This allows for gaming without a hands-on controller, which is what many people dream for. What they don't dream for, however, is the fact that their XBox 360 is going to apparently become the basis for the next XBox console.

Cue overly-dramatic music.

Luckily, for now, it will simply function as an upgrade to your console. In other words, Microsoft is just trying to scare you.

Now, you are probably wondering "Why is this a bad thing for the Halo Community?". Well, for now, there is nothing we truly know as concrete fact, and for all we know this far it could be a positive take on the game. In the Seattle Times, Harold Ryan has stated that "I absolutely think 'Reach' could be enabled with it," in reference to Halo: Reach. So, how will that work? Well, it offers unique potential, namely in the voice recognition area. Without a controller, theoretically, you could simply state your options when searching in matchmaking, or switching weapons, and by the time you are in the game, how awesome would it be to have a wireless chat with your teammates? The possibility for Natal to be awesome with Halo: Reach is high. Very high. As for now, nothing can be sure, so don't get your hopes up and wallet out for Natal and Reach coming together, because it is still yet to be confirmed.

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