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Longshore Skull

Story by JEA13
August 20th, 2009


As the title may propose, the location of the Skull on the Longshore map has been revealed!


H3 Longshore Overview.jpg

I have provided you the game lobby image of Longshore. The skull's location is visible from here, but you can not see the skull so there's no way you would imagine. I'd love to keep you waiting with your mouths open but unfortunately I have to go on.

Look at the picture. Zoom at the middle. Now scroll to the right, on that column on the edge of the docks. Now scroll up, to the big bright cloud on the sky. Beside that cloud, there is that huge thing that goes up and connects with the top floors of the main building. When you get the map, go to Forge mode, fly up there, on the top. It is there!

Here is the video the one who discovered it uploaded. Although the quality screws up when he zooms, you can clearly see the skull. That is the perfect hiding place. Also, see here for a much cleaner version.

You stay frosty Halopedia!


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