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Friday's Halo Feast (August 1st to August 7th)

Story by CommanderTony
August 7th, 2009


On the behalf of DinoBenn, the creator of this segment, I bring you the second iteration of Friday's Halo Feast for August 1st through August 7th. Enjoy!


Attention all readers, editors and visitors of Halopedia. It has come to my attention that many videos out on the interweb are very good but not popular enough to be noteworthy. I hope to correct this, and so I present to you ten Halo Videos from the fans that you may not have seen before, accompanied by one that every devout Halo fan has seen. Without further procrastination, lets begin.

  • Like a lion on stilts going after a giraffe, hackers suck, but people who hate on you for hacking even if you don't, are just as bad. I never had to deal with this except once, but I'm sure you Generals must have. Watch Here.
  • Speaking of which, rank means nothing except the lower level of life you have or pure awesomeness you have. Get over it Katanas and Hayabusa: even I have that. Watch the video and see what I'm talking about. Watch Here.
  • N00bs. Can't live with them, I'd play Halo often if there were less of them. Honestly, for me, n00bs, like campers and weapon or vehicle whores, are what ruined matchmaking for me and many other people to the point that I play Halo Wars Skirmish. Watch Here.
  • We've all teabagged, don't deny it, but we all now know that it is reserved for people remarkably good or n00bs. N00bs, GTFO. People really good, talk fast and about MLG. Watch Here.
  • Now the freakers. People that loose their cool really easily. Especially interweb celebrities. "It's a Wonderful World", er, "Live" outlines what people do in the appearance of DigtalPh33r. One suggestion to the man: there is a mute button. Use it. Watch Here.
  • Betrayal. My least favorite word in Halo. If they aren't a little kid or honestly sorry for it, they are pure assholes. Or they just do it to make stuff like this. Some deserve this punishment. I don't. Watch Here.
  • Glitchers. If we didn't have 'em, we'd have to find these things ourselves! Imagine the horror! Imagine the vast amount of people doing something new! Watch Here.
  • Little kids deserve their own niche in the cycle. One that deserves to be burnt in a raging inferno of McDonalds coffee. Little Kids GTFO! Watch Here.
  • MLG nuts always talk this fast when they aren't humming one of O'Donnel's masterpieces don't they? Watch Here.

Well, I hope you enjoyed these videos, and remember, there is more to machinima than meets the eye. Good day!

You stay frosty Halopedia!


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