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Halo 3: ODST - An authors thoughts

Story by Spirit-of-HALO
August 18th, 2009


Less than 6 weeks until ODST comes about in stores near you (hopefully). Right now, I share with you my thoughts into the game and how it reflects into Halo 2. Enjoy.


Halo 3 ODST Cover.png

"I'm going to purposely get lost in New Mombasa, being a "gangsta" in the streets with my Automag..."
— author

Well, I'm pretty much excited for the game. Always saying "Prepare for ODST" on the phone when a conversation with my friends ends, or saying how we'll be the first ever to play the game and be "lost in the streets 'cause were to stupid to follow the storyline". The fact that were (and you guys as well) excited for this game is the fact we play as ODST's. With Bungie leaving the 'Tunnel-Vision' behind in Halo, 2, and 3, and the thought were roaming the streets causing trouble with no 'invisible wall' to stop us, makes us indeed excited and stoked. What will we expect? Well, Bungie flapped all information out during E3, so we pretty much know what were going to see, hear, and possibly smell (you fans!). If you look carefully though, you'll see we will run into many things we saw back in the 500 year old game disk we called Halo 2.

Ragdoll effect is one of them. No longer shall we see us/the enemy locked and frozen in air and dropping like a brick when blown to one side to another, but now their arms and legs flay around. In Halo 2, they perfected it to the point where you "die where you stood". In Halo 3, you still saw some of it, but if you know what I meant about how "falling like a brick"... yeah, you'll see the differences.

The lighting effect was improved also. Now, I'm no genius to the "graphics" and how they work, but Bungie hit it right on the spot when you saw that shining armor blazing while fighting. Unlike the dull lambent olive green with no shine whatsoever in Halo 3. In Halo 2, Master Chief was a lot shinier than we had ever saw him... yes, 3 year old words.

The fact were back in New Mombasa and not in Space fighting Purple Aliens is awesome enough. Just picture Grand Thrift Auto IV (Sorry guys, Strip Club has been evacuated) where you can go anywhere.... but on a small scale. Yes, I'm using small words, but its time to use your imagination people, think it up!

You know, as a personal note, I'd imagine myself getting lost, then letting one of my friends find me via GPS... of course were AFJROTC students, so we don't read ground based maps well :D

Anyways, All I have to say is "Buck]up, and Prepare to Drop!".

You stay frosty Halopedia!


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