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Story by CommanderTony
May 16th, 2009


Recently, Bungie announced a well anticipated and hyped feature for members of Halo 3 with their Bungie Pro accounts. Just a few days ago, it became a Public Beta.



Quote from Bungie.net

"The Render-to-Video service has been on the community's mind since we mentioned its existence some months back. Each and every update we published that didn't include news about the planned rendering service was met with Private Messages wanting to know what was up. The answer was always the same, "We're working on it." We still are. But we're also ready to see how it performs in the wild.
Breaking the silence on just what Render-to-Video is, how it will (and won't) work, and whether or not you'll be granted access to the public beta is our very own, Roger Wolfson. You may know him colloquially as "The Wolf," but don't worry, though his bite is way worse than his bark, we've done the dangerous work ourselves, stepped into the den, and came away with all the details. We also came away with bite marks (and quite possibly, rabies). While we tend to our wounds, read on for details on Render-to-Video's public beta, straight from the keeper of "The Contraption" himself.
— Urk

See how you can participate in this new feature by visiting the Public Beta FAQ here.